Apple releases iTunes 11.2.1, fixes hidden /Users directory bug

Apple releases iTunes 11.2.1, fixes hidden /Users directory bug

Apple has pushed out iTunes 11.2.1, a bug fix update to yesterday's iTunes 11.2.0 release that, for some people, caused their /Users directory to become hidden. If you had the problem, check out Software Update or the link below and get with the downloading.

This is a problem that Apple has acknowledged with a support posting:

OS X Mavericks: Users folder isn't visible after updating to iTunes 11.2


The folders listed below might appear to be missing after installing iTunes 11.2 on OS X Mavericks. This can happen if you have Find My Mac enabled in iCloud System Preferences.

Folders affected:

  • /Users
  • /Users/Shared


Update to iTunes 11.2.1 or later by running software update on your Mac.

Source: Apple

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Reader comments

Apple releases iTunes 11.2.1, fixes hidden /Users directory bug


Peter - was right and I was wrong about this being a bug (unless of course the bug was just in releasing it too soon, but I've learned my lesson on this issue :) ). It is bit disconcerting that something like changes to access to the Users directory is not more thoroughly vetted before release, but at least they addressed the issue quickly.

Looks like they also fixed the bug where iTunes was updating unsubscribed podcastss. Now if they would only put back the "unsubscribed" text beside the podcast name so you can easily tell that you have unsubscribed to it.

Don't know if it's just me, but since the 11.2 update I've noticed that I can't search for albums with keystrokes. For example, searching for The Beatles album I used to be able to just type "B-e-a.." and it would take me to the albums I had by them. This was done without the use of the Search box in the top-right corner. You could just type and it would take you to the respective area.

After the 11.2 update it no longer works for me. It will take me to the vicinity (not even really) but not the actual search.

Anyone else notice this? Other than that everything seems peachy with the update. :-)

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I tried searching for an artist and it worked just fine. I made sure that I clicked on an artists name before starting to type the name just to make sure the focus was on the list of artists.

I have no issue in other views (Artist, Song, etc.) but for some reason in the Album view tab it doesn't work anymore. Maybe I should just try reinstalling to see if that fixes the issue but as of now it's very frustrating.

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Since updating to iTunes 11.2.1, I have a "1" notification next to "Movies" in the left-hand column view, and I cannot figure out what it signifies. I have marked all movies as "Watched." Any ideas?