Apple releases new MacBook Pros with FaceTime HD, Thunderbolt I/O

Apple releases new MacBook Pros with FaceTime HD, Thunderbolt I/O

As rumored, Apple has released new MacBook Pros this morning in 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch form factors featuring quad-core Intel Core i7 processors at the high end and a couple of features that might just be of interest to the TiPb faithful -- FaceTime HD and Thunderbolt I/O.

Get more of your friends in the picture with crisp, widescreen HD video. The new FaceTime HD camera gives you three times the resolution of the previous camera — perfect for the brilliant LED-backlit display — along with improved low-light performance. You and your friends can make 720p HD calls from one new MacBook Pro to another. You can also make video calls to other Intel-based Mac computers,4 iPhone 4, or the new iPod touch.

Like I said on the podcast last night I'm not sure I need to see people -- or be seen by people! -- in HD unless Apple provides some flattering Hollywood filters but at least having the option for FaceTime HD on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch would be nice, wouldn't it?

The Thunderbolt port will give you plug-and-play performance with a whole new world of Thunderbolt peripherals, as well as with the Apple LED Cinema Display and other Mini DisplayPort peripherals. You can daisy-chain as many as six devices, including your display. And with support for video and eight-channel audio, it’s easy to connect HDMI-compatible devices — like your TV and home stereo — using the HDMI adapter you already have. Current VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort adapters are also supported.

12 times faster than FireWire 800 and 20 times faster than USB 2.0, could our iPhone, iPod touch and iPad get the same love starting next week?

Anyone getting a new MacBook Pro? Anyone really want these new features on their iOS devices too?


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Reader comments

Apple releases new MacBook Pros with FaceTime HD, Thunderbolt I/O


OMG! I just bought a Macbook Pro TODAY ONLINE! and now a new range comes out tomorrow or day after? Do you think i could cancel the order and upgrade?!?!?!?!?!

I still don't know why i updated to 4.3, the aumnot of time's i've tried to swipe my status bar for SBSettings is cryable. Also, When you update to 4.3 with all your jailbroke shizz do you then just jailbreak using a 4.3 JB and everything's how it used to be?

I was getting approval at work for the now last gen 15" MBP. If I get approved for $1499 should I pick the last gen 15"(can't remember all the specs 2.4GHz i5 or the new 13" which runs a 2.7GHz i7.

Doh! If I was approved for the last gen 15" 2.4 i5 then that's $1799. No need to get the new 13" but still a very sweet machine.

I purchased a macbook air around the begining of the month and returned it for a 15 inch macbook pro because it was not powerful enough for me. I bought the air around the 3rd of the month but returned it for the pro on the 15. Since i got the pro like 10 days ago do you think they will let me return it for the new one? i know their return policy is 14 days..

They won't let you return it for a newer model MacBook Pro. You purchased the model that you purchased.

No reason why not. If you're within the return policy, return it and tell 'em you're not into it. Then, turn around and buy the new one. If it's within the policy, they can't stop you.

I'd rather not Facetime with somebody in 1080p. I don't need to see the pores of the people I do business with. Have you seen an actual 1080p broadcast of a normal human being (not Jessica Biel all dolled up in makeup)? It's horrifying.

Called my local apple store, first they have the new pros in stock now. Secondly if you purchased a macbook pro within the last 14 days and still have all original packaging you can return it for the new macbook pros.

Any reason why apple doesn't itegrate any HDMI port on these machines? Yes I know they use the mini display port. I guess it's a way for them to make an extra $30 by making us buy a mini dvi to HDMI extension...

Could just be a size factor. Yes they can make more money selling the adapter, but they also save space on the side of the machine as well as inside the machine for the space required. The more space they save the more stuff they can cram in there.
IF they went with standard HDMI then maybe they would not have had room for the shiny new thunderbolt.

They need to have a 30-Pin to HDMI out at least for their mobile devices ... But I'm sure apple thinks HDMI is dead technology by now eye roll. I dont see thunderbolt replacing HDMI anytime soon.

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DisplayPort is more flexible than HDMI. Not everyone wants HDMI and many people, especially in business need VGA due to connecting to projectors, etc. All the DisplayPort to Something Else adapters are around $30. The HDMI digital signal to VGA converters are upwards of $100.

The new i7 processor is nice, but overall not enough upgrades to make me upgrade from last generation 17"
Mackbook Pro.

I bought the 17" last year but was considering waiting for this one thinking it might be some huge breakthrough model. Glad I didn't wait. Nothing exciting here at all.

If I just bought a 13" in December is there any way Apple will take it back so I can get this new model? UGH!

So, when is the article grading the rumors coming up? Some people deserve a roasting.
8/16 GB SSD for the OS?
1440x900 for 13", 1680x1050 for 15" standard?
SSD/HDD in place of the optical drive?
Larger trackpads?
Lighter weight?
SSD only in MBP 15/17?
There was more crazy stuff.
The most important part of the revision? Thunderbolt I/O provides 10 Watts of power! I really really hope Apple moves all iOS devices to Thunderbolt I/O and get rid of the 30 pin dock connector. iOS devices using this I/O can charge faster, mirror or span the display to multiple screens, dock adaptors can have USB, video, Ethernet, FW, audio, ports, eSATA. Pretty cool.

The last generation of MBPs provide 10W via USB as they can charge iPads.
The dock connector is good as a dock port, which is what it was engineered for. I doubt Apple will get rid of it unless they go completely wireless (induction charging and wireless sync, etc)

USB 2.0 hosts can only support max 5 V x 0.5 amp = 2.5 Watts. Some manufacturers will hang 2 or 3 ports of the same host, so those 3 ports will share 2.5 Watts. Also, some manufacturers don't necessarily output 0.5 amps out of their USB hosts. The older the machine, the less chance that a USB port will be able to deliver 2.5 W or that USB hosts have more ports.
This is the reason only some computers can charge an iPad through their USB ports as an iPad requires >2 W to charge in a reasonable time or that the iPad display can't be on while charging from a computer. Only the most recent Macs can deliver >2 W out of their USB ports. This is also the reason why the Xoom has a separate power port rather than just relying on USB.
The iPad wall charger has a power brick that can deliver 10 Watts. That USB port is kind of non-standard. It also means it'll charge much faster with the power brick than through a computer, so it's a nice bit of engineering using the USB cable and port to deliver more power.
USB 3.0 hosts can support 5 V x 0.95 amp = 4.75 Watts max.
I must reiterate, replacing the 30-pin dock/connector with a Thunderbolt I/O port would be an awesome thing. It'll charge faster from your computer. It'll be able to output and input video/audio. Docks can be made to support large screen displays, keyboards, other stuff. It would be a wonderful thing.

Nice, I'm getting the 15 inch sometime this week. Just wish the rumoed 1680×1050 for 15" as standard would have been true.

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Is anyone else wondering if the not delayed MacBook pros with the new sandy bridge processor that was delayed because it was being produced with a design error has "patched" processors or new ones with the new die?

I just installed Facetime on Mac system and I like it,,..
One good feature is you can add many Email address which will be used to call you ….
Wohoo…I love it….If Mac release Facetime for Windows, It will be amazing..
Best paRT I made a free phone call to my friend in U.S using iPhone4 via Facetime…

When we find top quality content on the web, we always decide to link to them so that our visitors may see a clear example of the standards we set for ourselves. Thank you for your content & Look forward to sending my subscribers your way!…

I agree Carl. I guess the flip side of the coin is that so far there have been nothing but ruorums. Maybe there are going to be more features? Heard anything new?

i'm sorry. i don't get the thunderbolt thing. Nothing i have or i've seen in stores uses thunderbolt. Maybe there's some apple stuff but i don't have that stuff. i got three external drives, a printer, mouse, kebyoard and they all use usb. my phone uses usb, my camera uses usb. seems like pushing it to me. And i get that lots of people have wireless but i stream from my laptop to my tv and it lags over wireless and doesn't over ethernet.