Apple shines a light on 'Parenthood' in new iPhone 5s ad

Apple has released a new commercial for the iPhone 5s called Parenthood. Set to the song Life of Dreams by Julie Doiron is shows a variety of parents and children learning, playing, laughing, and coming together better because of the iPhone.

Part of the new series of ads Apple began running earlier this year, it manages to be both more touching than the first, Powerful, set to Gigantic, and better matched than the second, Strength, set to Chicken Fat.

It shows a video baby monitor playing through the iPhone. An app that teaches kids how to brush their teeth. An app that ads funny, animated animal faces to drawings. A map to a lost dog. FaceTime used for flashcard drilling. A super macro lens attachment for some seaside video. Home automation that lets the iPhone turn out the lights for a sleeping baby. Fitness tracking while pushing twins around. Gardening tips during a surprise hose assault. And the LED as a flashlight, to find lost toys and check for monsters before bed.

I think it's terrific, the best of the current series. Give it a watch and let me know what you think.

Update: Apple has added Parenthood to the You're more powerful than you think page, along with a list of all the apps used in the ad. They include:

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Apple shines a light on 'Parenthood' in new iPhone 5s ad


I loved that they captured these moments and they felt natural not like "I have to use this for the sake of the commercial"

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Lol they try to make the phone look so powerful. Only cause of the developers. Apple did none of this. Try comparing the iPhone to an Android or Windows Phone, excluding the apps.

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That's what makes it a smartphone. 3rd party apps. Welcome to the party. Apple only set up the framework that gives users the best mobile apps in existence.

Why in the world would you want to compare smartphones and exclude what makes them smart?

WinOMG, OMG are you seriously that dumb, please tell me you are joking

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That's what i thought as well... The ads show scenes in bathroom,on the beach,in the yard with kid playing waterhose... All of them expose iphone to wet condition... Might be a hint for upcoming iphone 6....

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I'm very interested in whatever app that was to help the family track their lost dog. I have three dogs that are chipped, and was wondering if that app is connected to the chip company (there're three main ones that shelters and vets use). If they were to ever go missing or accidentally get out of the yard, this app would be great.

Trubador - It's a Pet Manager Pro. I just looked it up, because I thought it would be a great birthday present for my sister. But it requires a monthly subscription, so not going to get it. It looks very cool, though!

no it actually isnt. there is no app called pet manager pro, dog tracker, dog gps, dog finder or anything of the sort. and quite frankly I'm really pissed- because I can't find it anywhere and thats why I got this phone.

Iron Mike Hmltn - I find the easiest way to find apps is on I have a much harder time finding them in the App Store directly. Here's the link for Pet Manager Pro: . Or you could just click on the links in the article above...