Apple Remote Desktop updated with firewall fix, more

Apple Remote Desktop updated with firewall fix, more

Apple has posted an update to Apple Remote Desktop, the desktop management software for Macs. The new 3.7.1 release is available for immediate download.

Apple Remote Desktop provides a mechanism for administrators to distribute software to networked Macs, create software and hardware reports and automate regular maintenance tasks. The administration software is available for download from the Mac App Store.

Fixes in 3.7.1 include the following, according to Apple's release notes

  • Prevents an issue that could cause the OS X Firewall to block Remote Desktop connections.
  • Improves reliability of the kickstart command.
  • Fixes the "Display full screen" option in Control & Observe preferences.

If you've updated Remote Desktop to 3.7 and lost access because of OS X's firewall, restart your Mac after installing this update - it should be fixed.

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asuperstarr says:

This should be a big deal for those groups that use this software!

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