Apple removes highly criticized Genius ads from its website and YouTube channel

Apple removes highly criticized Genius ads from its website and YouTube channelApple has removed the set of three Genius ads from its website and YouTube channel with no explanation; they have just vanished. The three ads were originally aired during the Olympic Games London 2012 opening ceremony and received a very mixed reception. The ads were quite different to anything Apple had done in the past and mixed strange situations with a bit of humor.

The three ads were called Basically, Labor Day and May Day. Basically showed an Apple Genius laughing at not-Macs (Windows) and showing the customer all the add-on value of using a Mac. Labor Day showed an expectant Father knocking on the Genius's door at 4am; asking for assistance with a birth announcement card even as he should be calling the hospital. Finally, May Day was set on a plane with the Genius coming to the aid of a customer who has forgotten his anniversary and asks for help making an iMovie.

The ads received some severe criticism as they did tend to make Apple’s customers appear a little simplistic and clueless when it comes to using Apple products. Of course the other argument was that the ads were aimed at attracting new customers to Apple products, customers who weren’t aware of what exactly a Mac could do. Either way, the ads have now been completely removed from YouTube and Apple’s own marketing webpage. After we heard the other day that the Genius Bar receives over 50,000 visits a day, maybe Apple doesn’t need to advertise its services; as its customers seem well aware of what it offers.

What did you think of the ads? Are you sad to see them go or did you think they were ill advised?

Source: MacRumors

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Reader comments

Apple removes highly criticized Genius ads from its website and YouTube channel


Didn't think the 'Genius' ads were all that bad. But they weren't very good either. Not up to Apple standards.

Remember the few Apple ads with regular people standing in front of black cloth backdrops on the street, talking about how they use iPhone or something? Yeah, didn't think so. But even those were better than the 'Genius' ads.

Apple is going to receive criticism for these ads because they don't really show what Apple products can do. They just make new Apple customers look like blithering dolts. Seems a bit pompous in the perspective of some. But then, the Apple trial isn't painting a positive picture of Apple and the public may be putting 2 and 2 together between the ads and the press coverage of the trial.

They reminded me of that awkward humor that Microsoft made a few years back with Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates in the shoe store... and seeing Bill Gates wiggle his butt.. oi!

Apple was smart to remove every trace of them, too bad they allowed them to be aired in the first place. Apple products are easy to use, simple and uncomplicated . . . yet they made their users look like idiots who lacked any basic computer skills.

They should have highlighted the benefits of the one to one or how helpful the Geniuses are in the store, if you can actually get an appointment that is. Less about stupidity and more about ease of use.

Sad to say, its another sign of the post Jobs era, airing bad ads and vanishing them based on unfavorable marketing research. Next Apple will say they were never supposed to air and it was a mistake on the part of some intern.

Ironically, they may have been the most truthful and accurate ads to date, as I thought they depicted most Apple users perfectly.

Don't know what all the fuss was about, I liked 'em, was never insulted, and thought they might have resonated with folks who are not tech savvy and are looking for a solid but easy to use system of products.

Appledom's user base ain't monolithic, playing to the tech challenged crowd is no insult to the techies and early adopters who came for different reasons.

I put those who were offended into the category of ArschkrampenWilfrieds who are offended by everything.