Apple reportedly investigating WiFi issues on new MacBook Air

WiFi issues on the new 802.11ac capable MacBook Air are reportedly being investigated by Apple as they try to "capture" affected devices. The 802.11ac WiFi is one of the headline features on the refreshed Air line, and some reports have suggested that a software issue with Mountain Lion could be at fault. However, according to 9to5Mac, Apple is at least aware of the issue and taking steps to find out what is going on:

According to a source at Apple, the company is working to independently identify what exactly is causing the new WiFi-related problems. According to this person, AppleCare and Apple Store Genius Bar employees have been instructed to "capture" affected MacBook Air units. These units will then be sent back to Apple for further testing so a solution could hopefully be achieved.

Additionally, alternate sources have backed this up by claiming they have been issued a replacement MacBook Air by their local Apple store, with a complimentary USB-to-ethernet adaptor so they don't have to use WiFi. It's by no means an admission that the new Air is flawed, but is reassuring that Apple is taking measures to find out what's going on. Any of you guys had similar issues addressed by Apple? We'd love to hear from you!


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Apple reportedly investigating WiFi issues on new MacBook Air


So, you receive a a replacement MacBook Air with a complimentary USB-to-ethernet adaptor so you don't have to use WiFi, which BTW completely undermines the advantage of having something as portable as an Air, and that's not an admission that it is flawed? If it's not flawed, why the adapter?

I have an iPhone 4S, and for the past five days, it drops WiFi signal constantly. The iPhone 5 has been having this problem also. Now the new air? I never had this problem before with the 4S. There have been WiFi issues for a time, but the odd thing, it comes, and goes. Strange?

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