Apple reportedly making a 12.9-inch iPad for production in early 2015


A new report from Bloomberg claims Apple is developing a much larger iPad that could enter production sometime in the first quarter of 2015. The story says the display on this iPad could be as large as 12.9-inches.

Bloomberg's story, which cites unnamed sources, claims Apple has been working with its suppliers to create a new lineup of larger touchscreen devices for at least a year. An iPad with a bigger screen could be targeting the enterprise market which might use the tablet instead of a notebook. Microsoft recently launched the Surface Pro 3, a 12-inch tablet that's is being marketed specifically as a laptop replacement.

The same article claims Apple is still planning to release a new version of the regular 9.7-inch iPad, along with a refresh of the 7.9-inch iPad mini, sometime in the fall of 2014. What do you think about this rumor of a huge new iPad and, if true, what name should Apple give to the big tablet?

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly making a 12.9-inch iPad for production in early 2015


Sounds pretty awesome! Only downside is typing. 9.7" currently lets me hold the iPad in my hands and thumb type on the standard portrait keyboard quite comfortably.

At larger sizes, perhaps a split keyboard would work well... I just don't like how many apps handle that. Apple's Messages forces the text entry field up with the keyboard, giving me less room to see incoming messages.

But then, Apple has never been afraid of tweaking iOS for different screens to make it internally consistent on a particular device.

iOS already supports a split-keyboard on the iPad, I remember using it all the way back on iOS 5 with my first gen iPad.

I forget exactly how to enable it, but once enabled in the settings: You can easily swipe your thumbs to toggle the split keyboard or regular keyboard. Pretty nifty, actually.

I dunno. Seems so cumbersome at that size. And I can only imagine what it will cost. Low end MBA seems like a better choice, unless you just HAVE to have iOS apps on a large screen.

I'm glad Apple is going for various screen sizes. It's something that Steve Jobs dropped the ball on.

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I think you'll be more likely to see an iPad Pro 13" with a keyboard cover. The problem with that is that you don't currently have full OS X on said mythical device.

I'd be interested in it. I'm not sure of I'd buy one immediately, but I'd be eager to go to the Apple Store to look into it as soon as it was available.

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Larger touchscreen devices doesn't exactly say larger tablet- I think apple was smart enough to start the tablet line up and I believe they are still as smart to know that the present size is an ideal size- pro or not- we don't need a larger tablet- we won't mind a touchscreen MacBook Pro though - even though I consider it completely needless and pointless

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I'd say it's a niche product for sure. Correct me if I am wrong, but most people use iPads for media consumption, gaming, email, etc. Why would you need something that large for casual use? Sure, there are those who use it for work - I do sometimes myself. But unless it has desktop specs and runs something akin to Yosemite, I don't get it. Love my iPad Air for its portability, ease of use, and simplicity. If I really need to get some work done there's always a computer close by.

I'll stick with iPad Air, but the Pro would put a hurt on Microsoft's surface for on the job commercial applications, personally I don't want a 12 inch iPad it's to big my hand would tired of holding it too long, the iPad Air is perfect for people playing around at home.

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When does a tablet stop becoming a tablet... when it gets too big! I understand Its for business and it's an important partnership but think apple should think outside the box on this one, especially with the blip in pad sales they just had recently:

1 integrate a slide out keyboard from the back like the old Nokia E series phones used to have, or start marketing the bluetooth keyboard more and introduce a stand for the iPad (like the ones from incipio)

2 do something clever software wise, or start selling a dongle to plug into and display the iPad onto any (bigger) monitor or screen in the office

3 add a finder app and some other essential apps that we all need for work

If they could do this then maybe they would finally be able to kill off the PC.

I think that they should make this a direct competitor to the Surface Pro 3. Add a keyboard cover and make the specs enough for a slimmed down version of OS X.

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I would buy an iPad Pro in a heartbeat.
I use my iPad as my main computing device now, surfing, reading, gaming etc. but I also use it to create music on, and the bigger screen real estate would be a boon when it comes to use DAW's like Auria.

Also, a Pro iPad, I presume, would be a device with much more RAM and processor power, which would also be huge bonus when using it for the demanding creative apps on the AppStore, be it music apps, paint and drawing apps, photo apps etc.

As for the issue many people have with using a bigger iPad holding it in their hands, I've never done that. I use a cover with inbuilt stand, not like apple's cover, which is awful IMO, but one that can rest on my lap wherever I am and adjustable angles.
I'm currently using the Targus 360, which allows for both portrait and horizontal viewing.

I've had a similar stand since the iPad 1, and never looked back.

Apple cost too much for newer models. I think services like this website ttp:// provides are required in order to buy it. Besides if the extra space are for music and pics then micro card is more than enough. It is better to have a two-day-lasting battery (or at least a removable battery option) than a battery which needs to be charged every night. And stylus is very useful for quick notes etc. Especially the way note series put it in use.