Apple reportedly opening first Brazilian store by March 2014

Apple's retail presence looks set to expand yet further, with a new report suggesting that the first store will open in Brazil by March of 2014. The location looks set to be Rio de Janeiro, according to multiple sources that passed the information to 9to5Mac:

The source says that Apple’s retail expansion into South America is a high priority, and the company will begin seeking Apple retail employees from its U.S. stores to relocate to Rio de Janeiro for several months in the first half of 2014. Apple is said to want the U.S. employees to work in the new store in order to demonstrate and teach Apple’s retail practices. These America-based employees will also serve as temporary employees that can assist customers during this time period.

Any opening set for March would be right before the massive influx of people headed to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, which would no doubts see an increased footfall through the store. The sources also indicated that the same store had been set to open in July of this year, but staffing problems cut that down.

The new store is set to be located in the Village Mall shopping center, and while further delays could still happen, with any luck Apple fans in Rio will have a store to call their own within the next 6 months. Any one out there in Rio excited for this?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple reportedly opening first Brazilian store by March 2014

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Meh. Apple practices its highest prices in Brazil, and it cannot blame import taxes or exchange rates, its just a matter of charging whatever it thinks customers will pay. In some instances its cheaper to board a plane to Miami and purchase Apple products there. The cheapest iMac costs U$3000, an unlocked 16Gb iPhone 5 costs U$1000. I think fairer prices should be more of a priority than an Apple Store.