Apple reports $10 billion in App Store revenue for 2013, record December

Apple reports 0 billion in App Store revenue for 2013, record December

Apple announced Tuesday that more than $10 billion was spent in the App Store in 2013, with more than $1 billion of that occurring in December alone - a month that saw a total of almost three billion apps downloaded. December 2013 was the most successful month in App Store history, according to Apple. It's a message from Apple to app developers: If you want to make money, stick with iOS.

Apple didn't break out App Store revenues for 2012, but the company did announce a year ago that 2012 saw over 50 billion app downloads, with over two billion apps downloaded in December 2012.

Apple also announced that developers have been paid out a total of $15 billion on App Store sales. By comparison, the company said this time last year that developers had earned more than $7 billion in app sales, thus doubling developer revenue in a single year - a significant accomplishment.

It'll be interesting to see if any reliable figures can be produced to compare the App Store's revenue against Google Play's. Last year App Annie reported that the App Store brought in 3.5 times the revenue of Google Play in 2012.

This news is probably of more interest to developers than general consumers; it's Apple flexing its muscles to remind mobile app developers that it has the dominant mobile app ecosystem. The message is clear: if you want to make money, make apps for iOS.

The news comes in advance of Apple's Q1 FY2014 financial report, which is due out on Monday, January 27, 2013.

Are you an iOS app developer? Does this reassure you that you've put your development efforts on the right platform? Sound off in the comments.

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Apple reports $10 billion in App Store revenue for 2013, record December


It certainly makes me think that being part of a development team could be worth while, but I'm more artistically inclined than I am programmatically.

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That is a lot of apps download. That is great and I'm sure have changed lives in so many ways.

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Apple is doomed.

Seriously though, I'm glad there's a significant increase on the overall earnings of iOS devs out there. They really deserve it.