Apple Retail Stores about to go 2.0?

Apple Retail Stores about to go 2.0?

It sounds like Apple really might be getting ready to upgrade their already stellar Apple Retail experience to version 2.0... just in time for their 10th anniversary. 9to5Mac thinks they have more details on just what the reboot might entail.

  • Personal Setup will have new dedicated areas in stores called "Startup Sessions."
  • The new bars are said to be even more interactive.
  • [Paper product sheets] will be replaced with interactive iPads.
  • "Huge" displays
  • brand-new Apple Store iOS application – possibly on Sunday – that is even more interactive.

It also sounds like Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, Apple's CEO and Senior VP of Design, have personally taken a hand in crafting this customer experience.

Like Rene said on Twitter earlier, with all the speculation as to what big product announcement Apple was going to launch, it's far more likely Apple Store 2.0 is the big product launch. Apple considers their retail stores a product and put as much care, design, and attention to detail into them as they do their Macs, iPads, and iPhones.

Whatever it is, we keep hearing it's big. Are you eager to see what they've come up with for Apple Store 2.0? If you were in charge of the Apple Stores, what would you change?


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Reader comments

Apple Retail Stores about to go 2.0?


Uh no. So the party guest can buy thing and I get mine free. Haven't you been to build a bear.

Makes perfect sense. A new product or a major update would have found its way into the Internet a lt earlier. Upgrading stores largely with existing equipment of the Apple product line-up is something that can fly under the radar.

Wow, they really didn't like the South Park portrayal of the "Genius" Bars did they? This seems like an expensive overreaction though...:)

I'd place products a little higher, so customers don't have to bend over to use them, or at least devise a way to raise and lower the stands. Some seats and toilets would be nice too, along with a small gift shop with the usual assortments of pens, pencils, mugs, keyrings etc., all with the Apple brand.

Nice thought, but won't happen... Apple like you to bend over from the very beginning and all the way through to the end....

I wouldn't call their retail store experience stellar. Every time I go there, it's pretty much how they depicted it in that HUMANCENTiPAD episode of South Park.

How about something basic to replace the IDIOT Bar!
I want to be able to walk in, drop off my defective device, and pick it up fixed on a later date! VERY BASIC!
Iphones are NOT human! Why the F--- do I need to schedule an appointment!!??! Just let me drop it off and you can fix it at your own leisure!

scheduling allows them to eliminate the people who don't need the drop off. if it takes 15 minutes to replace faulty ram you're in and out and still have your computer. A bonus for everyone.
this allows them to continue to provide the service for free and have a better idea of workload instead of people randomly dropping stuff off and wondering why theirs in behind the people who come in and wait or having 20 systems dropped off at once.
you also have to consider space needs. it takes space to keep customer's computers on hand when they have no idea when you're returning.
the dropoff method is part of the reason you aren't considering taking your computer and leave it with Best Buy techs, even in cases where they're equally skilled. Drop offs run on their timeframe to fix. Your one week becomes their three weeks.

It's an interesting concept. I won't be going out to the Apple Store just to see this but I will check it out next time I'm at the mall for something else.

When they sync the new store with the old store, will all the inventory be wiped out for no good reason???

I'd like to see.....LESS NOISE!
The Houston store is always busy, and the roar is unpleasant even for shopping. I feel sorry for the poor guys being SHOUTED AT by the employees leading the classes.
I can't EVER imagine taking my parents to a class there -- and they really could use the training.

Have you been there in the middle of a weekday or early on the weekend? I'm guessing you're been there at their busiest.
the KCMO store is always slammed on a weekend afternoon and there's no appointments to be had. Whereas there's still appointments 20 minutes away at 2pm on a Wednesday.

I think that changing the color scheme from grey and white to pewter and white is a bad idea and is totally tacky. :)

I came from the previous impression that Apple Stores were the experience to beat- until I moved to Seattle. Microsoft opened their store in Bellevue Square Mall right next to Apple, and while the MS store seems like a very late reactionary/unecessary move, it does look a lot more impressive in direct comparison. It's very bright, inviting and fresh. The Apple Store now feels very dark and dingy, believe it or not! I am not surprised to hear this news, as it was my first reaction after comparing the two: Apple really needs to revamp the store.

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How fast can Mr. Steve collect his cash before his terminal liver condition gets him?

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