Apple Reviewing 100 New Claims to Add to 10+ Year Old (QuickTime?) Patent

Peter Hoddie Apple Patent Tweet

Apple is reviewing 100 new claims they want added on a 10+ year old patents says Peter Hoddie on Twitter.

Hoddie ran the QuickTime team at Apple after the departure of original lead, Bruce Leak, and is currently co-founder of Kinoma, which develops multimedia solutions for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60. While he didn't elaborate on which patents or what additions were being reviewed, but given his former position, it's not hard to imagine it has to do with Apple's own multimedia framework.

A quick search of the US Patent Office shows Hoddie listed in the following QuickTime-related patents:

  • User interface for presenting media information
  • Techniques for capturing information during multimedia presentations
  • Apparatus and method for storing a movie within a movie
  • Methods and apparatuses for transmitting data representing multiple views of an object
  • Method and apparatus for identifying user-selectable regions within multiple display frames
  • Method and apparatus for synchronization of data retrieval and presentation
  • System for data retrieval by scheduling retrieval if number of units scheduled equals or less than predetermined number and retrieving before or at time elapsed
  • Method and apparatus for identifying user-selectable regions within multiple display frames

QuickTime is not just an application, but has become one of the core display layers of both Mac OS X and iPhone OS X. So is Apple trying to secure against the future or setting up for some more patent pugilism? As Hoddie states, there's clearly a reason...

Rene Ritchie

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Cool story bro says:

Cool story bro.
Oh and FIRST!!!!!!!!!

icebike says:

Some of these things are addressing functionality that simply did not exist at the time quicktime was invented.
(And some listed int eh above story are duplicates).
It makes me wonder how you can add stuff to a patent when those capabilities did not exist at the time, especially when some of the things they are trying to add are clearly aimed at preventing competing systems, some of which are already deployed.
Its more of the Apple lock in if you ask me.

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