Apple rewrites its apology to Samsung, now appearing in UK newspapers

Apple has rewritten its apology to Samsung following its previous version which was labelled as “non-compliant” by the court that made the initial ruling. Apple was told by Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Kitchin and Sir Robin Jacob that it had to change the wording of the statement and that it should be carried on its home page with at least an 11-point font. The new statement is now appearing in UK newspapers but has not yet appeared on The news comes from The Next web.

When Apple placed the apology on its website on October 26, it ran part of the order but also included references in its UK lawsuits that Samsung products were “not as cool” as its iPad and iPhone devices. The link to the apology was also tucked away in a hard to view section of its website. Apple representatives apparently told the court that it would take up to 14 days to change the statement, but one of the judges refused to believe it.

So 24-hours later, Apple has published the necessary apology in UK newspapers but it remains to be seen how long it will take to update on its website. Currently the original unsatisfactory statement has been removed so we would expect the revised statement to appear sooner rather than later.

Source: AndroidCentral

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Reader comments

Apple rewrites its apology to Samsung, now appearing in UK newspapers


Where is the apology? All they did was state facts... and in this ad it doesn't even show that it was paid for by apple....

The same high court will probably make them rewrite this too lol.

Keep it up Apple. You might find yourself getting slapped with some fines in short order.

Hey LOL ANDROTROLL... what's Ur real korean name ... DUDE... Kim ???
actually they should write:
"Someskunk failed to copy cool iPad design, due to a poorly done copy machine, which was indeed its original design".... or what about :
"Sameskunk did not copy the design of the iPad in United Kingdom, except Ireland, Scotland and all other colonies of the Great British Empire"

Yep it's a certainty... U're a in a local village ... STOP eating dogs DUDE... this dog-meat did soften your brain ...

Yep it's a certainty... there is a sucker born every minute... now I do understand, what Steve was talking about.... DUDE

Am I the only one who finds the actions of the judges ridiculous? Is this really how the courts in Britain work? In Canada, this case would be appealed as soon as the judges said that Samsung products were "not as cool" etc.

Apple complied with the court order, sure they did it in a smart ass way, but they did what was asked of them. Unless the judges state "word for word" what Apple should write, they should expect this.

And yes, UK judges have gone crazy. I just read a story about how one actually congratulated a robber on his bravery during a home invasion because it is dangerous to rob people's home in the night and he could have been attacked.

Finally an intelligent reply that isn't racist among other attempts at insults.

You are at the correct that the... creative shall we say, methods that judges use in many instances are ridiculous. Perhaps you could look at a few of the absolutely, atrociously, asinine rulings the judge made in Apple vs Samsung as well. These court cases over patents on software, which should never be patented to begin with, are huge wastes of time, money, & resources. Yet Apple from its very beginnings has played in this cesspool. They've won & they've lost. This is the chance you take.

And frankly speaking... I'm never upset when a multinational corporation worth hundreds of billions, that could care less about me waking up the next day, is giving a little public shaming. The hubris of large corporations, like Apple & others, that they can get away with anything because of their bank accounts is far more troubling to me.

Finally...U show Ur identity...DUDE....Ur real name is Some Skung Kim... ait....
and U're working for Samskung.... because the racism argument is the most popular reaction one get from a Korean if he is criticizes him for what ever reason... U guys seems to be confused by the meaning of this word...U see.... when U call Japanese people: stpid ugly monkeys, which I heard many times in Korea... that's a racism .. or if I would call ya a yellow dog-eating Pig with slashed eyes... nun... that would be a racism too... DUDE

They were not ordered to make an "apology." They were ordered to make a factual "statement", that is simply a statement of the courts opinion of the facts. That term "apology" has been just journalistic license, repeated over and over again by blogs and has been misleading. The end result is commentators having fan arguments over the lack of an apology when the Court never ordered anyone to make an apology.

Where's the apology? Nowhere. That's where.
Apple doesn't owe Samsung an apology.
Samsung totally copied Apples ideas., totally. And deep eown everyone knows it. They mindlessly and systematically copied almost every aspect of Apples hardware, software, business practices, advertising techniques etc. so that they could (1) create the impression that their products were the same/just as good as Apple's and (2) save themselves from having to spend the kind of time and money(not to mention the risk) that apple did. And while that may not be obviously illegal it's at least business-wise immoral. If it weren't so difficult to pin down that sort of misbehavior into legal terms it probably would illegal.

Apology not necessary. Samsung should be apologizing to Apple.

ya only US court found that in favor of apple(quite understandable why, apple is a US based company so have to protect one of their own), other than that.. everywhere frm australia to europe, japn every1 ruled in favor of samsung and to be honest apple r tryin to b smart here this is no apology. boy oh boy they want to make a mess of a simple apology n make it worst, could work in US, but else where u will pay for the mistake u do.

Cmn' googloid... are U sure that U know * wat U r sayin..* .... DUDE
Apple did not lost the UK appeal... only appeal of England and Wales... tomhowhard
Keneo is the only one who knows, whats going on there, Koreans did follow the same strategy with cars and all the other products and never apologize to any one...they don't know what's moral, honesty or far-play... all what they do know is eat dog& copy-cat

Ya......I have no respect for : stealing other peoples ideas... killing and eating dogs...unmoral & dishonest people.... Seriously... DUDE.... its not cool !!!

so by your own reasoning, apple hasnt won in other countries which is understandable why, apple is a US company so other countries will do all they can to go against them.

and they were never ordered to say "im sorry" they were ordered to give the ruling of the case which states that they did not (lol) copy.

Hey BadBoySid - Type full words and sentences. This isn't high school. This is the real world!

Um, the patents were registered in the US first. The US has some of the strongest patent law in the world, this is how small startups can milk companies like Microsoft. We call it patent trolling though.

Who cares what other courts in the world do, the fact is, Samsung was found guilty in the US, perhaps the most important consumer market in the world. Samsung got lucky they only got hit with a $1 billion dollar fine...

Its so true. Apple was the first company ever to make products shaped like black rectangles. Also the first ever to use touchscreens as an interface. Anyone who makes a phone or tablet that's isn't circular, or a triangle, is blatantly copying apple. Also no other company should be allowed to advertise in ways proven successful, or attempt to make their product look as good as or better than that of their competition. That's just blatant copying.

I can't wait to see the the lawsuits ford is expected to roll out later this year against all car manufacturers currently producing vehicles with 4 wheels and a steering wheel as the main interface element.

Since that's what the judgment was against them. Samsung claims that apples accusations hurt their public image, so the judgment was an attempt to rectify that.

Apple's gonna be OK, don't worry.

Could you imagine if that's how everything worked though? "You are found guilty of stealing that car, now go write an apology letter to the owner". That's what I meant by my statement. I know Apple is going to be OK, and I could care less either way. I'm just mocking the justice system that made this decision.

Dude u r not gettin the point after this verdict. Whn u become famous all wat matters is ur name.. "Apple" & "Samsug". The whole point behind was to make apple loose their face n next time when they want to sue some1 they better be 110% sure they r goin to win or else they will keep suein every1 who gives them compitition.

Most people (myself included) were giving Apple a little benefit of the doubt on their time hardship claims, assuming that, while technically speaking adding a blurb to the homepage might not be a challenge, it might take more than a few days to draft the appropriate marketing/legalese.

If there is a significant delay between publication in the newspapers and on Apple's site, that is going to raise the judge's eyebrows even further.

Sad that they were forced to into a redux. The 'isn't as cool' words were out of the judge's own ruling and should have been allowed to stand. Still, I really don't know what this will accomplish other than to give some dying newspapers some much needed revenue - twice.

Needs "- Apple" at the end. Also, I do think an apology is needed, as they went after for the GS3 which is not *at all* a copy of the iPhone, no one could confuse the two. I think that's the reasoning for the apology. They even said "People are buying the GS3 instead of the iPhone" as an implication that no one would possibly want a GS3, and people were *only* buying Samsung devices because they looked like iPhones, not because they actually liked Samsung/Android. I think that requires an apology, as well as a kick to the massive ego.

Needs... IMHO people need to stop supporting DOGS- KILLING avoiding buying Samskunk's and all the others korean products... DUDES

I wonder if that ficticious 14-day timeframe is due to the release of the Ipad Mini? I find it funny how a 'tech' company tries to say that it will take them 14 days to add text to their website. I don't care about the apologies, I will just be glad when each of these companies began to solely focus on us, the consumer. Every piece of technology (that is worth anything) is using some form of a previous technology that was invented by someone else. Apple, Samsung, Google .. they all have 'borrowed' ideas from other companies and 'tweaked' or re-worked the technology to benefit their customer base.

It is dumb to try and argue that a phone looks similar so they are trying to copy us. Soon these companies will try to patent shapes.. Apple -- we have anything that is square and black, Google - rectangular so on and so on... The software is not similar to me and how many people really care that icons are alike? Companies use the envelope to symbolize email, because it is easy to understand and universally accepted.

Stop the pettiness and get back to focusing on me... I do happen to pay for your products...

I checked the UK Apple website and I seen NO apology! I fail to see what the point of all this is if the apology isn't on their website.

Once again, only the lawyers are benefiting here.