Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector? [Poll]

Earlier today we posted a story about Apple moving to replace the 30-pin dock connector with a new "micro dock" to save precious space in the next generation iPhone.

On one hand it's a bold move, dumping something everyone's familiar with for something new, which is very typically Apple. On the other hand, it's not dumping it for something really, truly new, like Palm-style inductive wireless charging.

While a lot of accessories would continue to work as long as they or Apple provided an adapter, some might not, and then you'd have to buy them again. And if you have a lot of accessories or even cables, it's either impractical to get an adapter for each one, or annoying to keep having to switch the adapter.

Rene laid out a good case for why Apple could be getting ready to pull the trigger on a smaller dock connector, so now we want to hear what you think about it. Do you want Apple to ditch the current dock? Pro or con or couldn't care less?

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Reader comments

Do you want Apple to get rid of the 30-pin dock connector? [Poll]


Yes and go with something thats more universal, I hate companies that use proprietary cables or equipment. Sony is another company that does this....

I would love a mag safe like connector with obvious data transfer capabilities.
Wireless is not quite ready for massive transfers, not just yet

They already make one of those for institutional use. I'm betting that's what we are getting in all of em soon. Data transfer is slower, but the design can be made much more seamless. Currently the mag connector is attached to the 30-pin. I'm sure Mr. Ive would love to replace that big ugly port with a couple magnetic contacts. it a fact that they are doing this...did they announce this or is their even a rumor that supports this...cuz to me it sounds like its based in theorys of past actions by Apple...

Just saying ,, why are we talking about such a change of cables and stuff when nothing had been announced. Lol sounds kind of silly?

I thought there was a regulation (or in the works) that all cell phones sold in Europe had to have the same micro-dock connection. Why mess with more than one type of connector?

It's already in place. Apple has a dock connector adapter that is micro USB on the other end. Imagine the existing dock connector that comes with the iPhone today, but instead of the cord coming out of it, it has a micro USB port.

I bought an alarm clock with a dock for my iPhone 3G...4 years ago and with my iPhone 4S dev phone it still works.
Keep the 30-pin but don't hesitate to add other options like wireless charging, etc.

Of course they need to get rid of the 30 pin connector. They should go micro USB like everyone else. I thought this was to become the standard for environmental reasons.

Slightly off topic but... Am I the only one who wants to use the theorized new iPad retina display to play a ps3 or a 360? I mean, so long as they are gonna alter the port design, is it too much to ask that they somehow(adapter or otherwise) allow for hdmi in? I could see a lot of students in cramped dorms putting that to use when they aren't studying. And considering the iPad is the best choice for a computer buyer on a budget... Why not eliminate the need for a TV at all? The iPad could become the only screen they own.

I think the whole Indictive Charging thing would be very cool. Why even bother with a wire? Although being able to transfer content to my iPod via thunderbolt would be cool. Such a shame they axed FireWire iPod cables.

"On one hand it’s a bold move, dumping something everyone’s familiar with for something new, which is very typically Apple."
You forgot about changing the design so you had to buy all of your Apple branded accessories and cables every two years - very typically Apple.

No! I love the dock connector, it's so universal and isn't fiddling and annoying like mini - USB and all that crap other people use. It just works.

I think there is an option missing from the poll.
One which they change it to micro usb connector, and not a "micro connector", witch could lead to another proprietary Apple connector.
Micro usb connector is the European standard and Apple (and a bunch of other companies) help defining it.
And if you think the 30 pin connector cable is so much better, remember that in the other end is just an usb connector.....

TB connectors will be overkill as the write speed of the flash storage is no more than what USB2 can provide. Should be like the rest of the mobile industry.. MicroUSB n a new wireless induction charging will be nice.

I hate the way Apple changes things. I've stoped buying stuff for my iDevices. Companies make expensive accessories like the Alesis IO DOCK and Beheringer just announced a line of mixers that have a iPad dock numark making a dj controller only to never be able to upgrade to a new iPad if you want to continue to use these expensive device is crazy. Are we expected to go out and buy a new alarm clock, car/home stereo, docks. Even docks are stupid you need to get a new one for each idevice.

I'm sure Apple will go to micro USB as many of you have suggested. That way it would be standardized and many other chargers and data cable brands would work with the dev---
Oh hell, I can't even say that with a straight face.

usb micro would be fine, although I´m not completely sure that you would have access to all the functions you have today through the current connector.

usb micro would be great. Then I could use usb micro cables I already have and would only have to buy a car charger, which I always do with a new phone anyway. It's a mute point for me because my contract isn't over until 2013 and depending on when Sprint decides to dump unlimited, I may not remain with them. It depends.

Gonna be SUPER annoying trying to dock with the millions of brand spanking new fitness gear out there that requires docking to back up your fitness reports -- which I guess geeks don't care much about, except those of us who are fitness geeks.
And make up quite a vast number of Nike/Apple customers.

Of all the pieces on my iPhone 4S, the dock connector is the one I worry the most about. It just feels fragile everytime I plug in the phone or sit it in my radio to charge.
I for one will be happy to be rid of it someday. Wireless conductive charging, bluetooth, gigabit wifi. The cable connection from phone to PC is not much longer for this world.

Well, Apple never go mainstream, I don't know what makes you think something like that is going to happen. I believe that if they change something, it will be to a more Mac-like style approach, which they have patented.

You know my old cheezy palm pre and HP Veer and my touchpad all wirelessly charged. The exhibition feature of palms webOS was light years ahead of all these crappy clock apps for the iPhone.
IF they would make a wireless charger and steal exhibition from webOS that would be awesome. I really hate going back in time like a cave man to plug my device in to charge it. when my 3 year old palm pre can charge with a simple touch to my old hockey puck style wireless charger.

Wireless charger. Palm had it right. I placed the puck on the vertical wall next to my bed. Exibitipn was awsome. It worked in the car and never fell off. Wireless data transfers. Also forget wired ear phones. If you do this the next step would be water/ sand proof.

The touchstone + exhibition is just about the only I miss from my Palm Pre days. However, the issue with it would be that you can't do one of those without losing the compass feature.

I would love it if...
Apple has all accessories ready to go on launch.
Apple let's me trade in accessories such as cords ect for the versions that work free of charge (including my car)
I would think the car companies would require free adapters for their current cars ect. It's not a simple change of mind when you become as popular as apple. They have contracts everywhere for this one plug. For what? 30 mins of battery life? Doubt it will happen.

Why doesnt apple just use the headphone jack like on the early ipod shufles, then you coud get rid of the 30 pin connector but still charge and listen to music on a dock.

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Just do a standard micro USB. It is common, smaller than the dock connector, simpler, and faster. Did I mention you could then use those of any Android or Windows Phone?