Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.3 with plenty of improvements and bug fixes

While there was no mention of an iOS update being released today during the keynote, Apple has now sent out iOS 7.0.3 to the masses and along with it, plenty of improvements and bug fixes.

We've not been able to get the update OTA as of yet but it is now appearing through iTunes and and ready for download. As noted, there is plenty of improvements and bug fixes, some of which is also required for Mavericks to play nicely, so here's what's highlighted in the change log:

  • Adds iCloud Keychain to keep track of your account names, passwords, and credit card numbers across all your approved devices
  • Adds Password Generator so Safari can suggest unique, hard-to-guess passwords for your online accounts
  • Updates lock screen to delay display of "slide to unlock" when Touch ID is in use
  • Adds back the ability to search the web and Wikipedia from Spotlight search
  • Fixes an issue where iMessage failed to send for some users
  • Fixes a bug that could prevent iMessage from activating
  • Improves system stability when using iWork apps
  • Fixes an accelerometer calibration issue
  • Addresses an issue that could cause Siri and VoiceOver to use a lower quality voice
  • Fixes a bug that could allow someone to bypass the Lock screen passcode
  • Enhances the Reduce Motion setting to minimize both motion and animation
  • Fixes an issue that could cause VoiceOver input to be too sensitive
  • Updates the Bold Text setting to also change dial pad text
  • Fixes an issue that could cause supervised devices to become un-supervised when updating software

Needless to say, that's quite the list and if you've been having any issues, you'll certainly want to see if they've been covered by this release. Have you grabbed the download yet? Sound off in the comments or in the iMore forums and let us know how it went for you.

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Reader comments

Apple rolls out iOS 7.0.3 with plenty of improvements and bug fixes


Yes! This is what I was hoping to hear! I wonder if this is a software fix for the broken leveler or if it was nothing more then a software glitch from the beginning and the leveler was fine?

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Mine is still off when laying flat. Only by about 1 degree. Much better than the -4 degrees before the update.

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The level on my 5S is still off by 1 to 2 degrees on the sides and 0 to -1 on the back since updating. It's better, but not fixed. Prior to updating it was -3 on the back and 0 on some sides and 3/4 on others.

I toggled off wifi and checked for the update OTA… then it showed up on my phone… toggled wifi back on - and went from there.

There seem to be some serious issues w Bluetooth connectivity that I would like addressed. Playing music over Bluetooth in my car has nothing short of abysmal from the day I upgraded my iPhone 5 and still now on 5s. Also, constant issues w control center not working to skips tracks and play/pause music. Hope it's addressed in this update. Guess I'll find out later tonight.

I had that issue but since restarting haven't had the control center issue. My in car issues are how to use Siri when I am playing music via bluetooth??

that sounds like a pretty big issue. i havent pulled the plug and jumpd onto 7 yet. i am still using 6.1.4 with iPhone 5. however, with the list of fixes, I am sure tempted.

Same problem plz let me know it it does change the issue I have my car at the dealership being looked at because I thought it was my car it a new car and I was pissed

I was having the same problem in my car. Cadillac with CUE. I thought it had something to do with the car and then I rebooted my iPhone-held down home and sleep button at the same time. Problem was fixed and has been working nicely.

I think because of this "Enhances the Reduce Motion setting to minimize both motion and animation". I noticed it wasn't zooming anymore but when I went into Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion and turned it off, I got the Paralax effect back but the zooming transitions came back too.

Turning off the motion helped. I was beginning to confuse my baby for a lagdroid. Thanks bro

I would like to see the native weather info on the notification screen show the current temp 24/7. My update doesn't show in notifications yet. Will try turning off wifi, then back on like someone suggested.

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Has anyone installed this update on an iPhone 4 yet? If so, any improvement on performance (less lag)?


In NH, with Iphone 4s, update not available yet ota, wifi turning off and on does nothing yet. And yes I wanna see the current temp too, It would be also nice to see the weather app show the current weather on the home screen as well, not just when u open it.

Update. All on same wifi

Got OTA:
iPhone 5 - verizon

iPhone 4S - Verizon
iPad 3
iPod touch 5th gen (2 of them)

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Im still waiting for it to show up on my 4s, Ive heard people are getting random restarts after they install.

The update related to animations is terrible. The fading in and out are super slow. And now if you go back to the animations, you are stuck with the stupid parallax effect.

I think the time it takes to zoom in and out is the same time as the fading.. The zooming is just more visually stimulating so you think its working faster.

one thing i've noticed is black lines around icons for a second, almost like the system is "re drawing" or lagging for a second

This update appears to fix the problem with creating text groups containing more than 20 people, which was broken since the iOS7 GM.

This was a real problem for our "TextShot" app, so its great to have it solved,

Soluble Apps.

Horrible update on iPhone 5 here is why.

1. caused invalid sim card issues
2. Lags like crazy before it was buttery smooth
3. Reducing motions turns off all animations before it just turned off para whatever it's called but now if I want animations I have to have the stupid parallax that drains battery .

The app motion zoom thingy wasn't healthy for the battery either. So it's all or none. Apple could have made both features a separate option. It's nuts.

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I agree a simple separation within the the reduce motions options, i hate the fade in and fade out i love the animations of ios 7 you may not know this but I switched from android to give ios 7 a try while I was waiting on the Nexus 5 but I might not switch back I do miss some things from android but the apps, itunes, and ecosystem are making it really hard to go back, the row of icons and small screen was frustrating at first but I'm pretty much over it now hopefully the iphone 6 is bigger i prefer between 4.7 - 5 inch screens.

Btw is their a guide for all the whole ecosystem because its suppose to "just work" but im a noob I have been using apple computers forever but using it with ios doesn't feel as seamless as many brag about, probably partially because I am still using snow leopard. IDK currently downloading Mavrick.

Hmm I'm on sprint as well did this update just get pushed out because if we're both having the same issue that's means other ppl will too not fun.

Just installed iOS 7.0.3 on my iPhone 5. Now I am getting invalid SIM and can not make out going calls. Didn't have this before. I have sprint also. My husband has same phone through same carrier and has no issues after the update.

Way to go Apple, the update removed a font that BBM uses and now causing it to crash.. Apple put the font back pls. Who removes fonts anyways?

Anyone having a sudden issue with poor cellular data after upgrading to 7.0.3? Dropping back to 1x instead of 3G, and barely working then. Will see how it works this afternoon after resetting network settings and doing a PRL update.

No but since the update, some of my apps are not opening up correctly. They look they will open up just fine but then...they revert to a small, uneven screen that does not scan the whole screen of my iPhone. It's only certain apps and no, uninstalling and re-installing them has not worked. Sadder thing is...this was NOT a problem until I installed 7.03 (I thought it said it fixes bugs?!?!). Any ideas or is anyone else having this issue? Can provide screen shots if that helps so I don't pull my hair out over this!

I have the iPhone 4s and I got IOS 7.0.3 yesterday but I haven't installed it yet and here's why. I'm not sure if everyone just hopped on board and installed it or if you took the time to actually read EVERYTHING about...After reading all the fixes on the front page you probably just hit install...I clicked the link support with the security content of this update. I have been very concerned about the security of our internets phones PC's you name it...So reading some of your posts and seeing that some of you may not have had problems in one area now have problems in another area...So I'm sorta guessing here and thinking that maybe these security updates may have something to do with any of this? I'm not a geek but I will be calling Apple support for this help.

On my 4s the 7.0.3 update now allows me go back or skip forward or pause music playing on Pandora etc in the lock screen. Couldn't before had to unlock the screen. A real pain. Glad it's fix on 4S. Anyone else had this issue on their phones?

Before when out of the house, was on LTE mostly. Still about the same. I got a pop up notification on the update. Never had that happen before. ATT, no call problems.

I have it up and running with no issues. Running on T-Mobile in Boston area, everything is working just fine, LTE is fast as ever along with my HSPA+ when I want to save a little battery. All apps are running great, haven't gone thru all of them but the ones I have checked there are no issues. After download I had some weird issues, I shut the phone off, let sit for 5 minutes and powered back up. Working great.

I updated to 7.0.3 yesterday on 2 iPhone 4S and 1 iPad 2 none of them have the "search web and wikipedia from spotlight" function?
Why no go for older devices? It used to work on iOS6?

Haven't updated yet, as always I wait until I'm sure it's stable, I just hope they fix the compass issue, didn't like that issue at all.
Thanks for the info, always on target.

As of iOS 7.0.3 their is finally a T-Mobile USA carrier bundle for the iPad 2 thru the latest generation of iPads.

The wife updated her 4S to 7.0.3 yesterday and it fixed a bug in 7.0.2 where her contacts would randomly vanish.

I just updated to 7.0.3 and now I see some major problems... My battery is draining very quickly even when not being used... I sat my phone down and made sure everything was off and in an hour I had lost 45% of my battery...
Another problem is the wifi toggle will not turn on... And this is a big one... Plain and simple, iOS 7 had been nothing but problems for me...

I just called apple care and got my wifi problem fixed but the battery life problem is bad... I went from 100% down to 72% while on the phone with the advisor... And the call was only 15 minutes long... Anyone else having this issue?

Since iOS 7 (including version 3, this morning) my iPhone seems to have lost some vital contact information that I need, some of it is oddly still available on both iPad mini and iPad, and other not, any suggestion?

After 7.0.3, still getting Apple stock app crashes (Settings and Mail, yesterday). But no total phone resets after the upgrade. Not brave enough to try iCloud keychain yet.

Did update 7.0.3 yesterday evening to my I phone 5 and now I have no sound to any of my games. My music programs work fine like Sirius XM and Slacker. But no sound for any of my games. Please help ! Is there a way to go back to 7.0.2

Almost one year old iphone 5 has first problems After updating to 7.0.3 I have SIM card failure. Initially started as invalid SIM, now it says no SIM or SIM card failure. I have done everything apple care said to do, restart, take out SIM Card and reinsert, toggle airplane mode, reset network settings, reset entire phone and nothing works! If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know!!!

i just bought new iphone 5s 32gb. and i m having wifi issue. after update my device and resetting it is still same,.. anyone have same problem ?