Apple Rolls Out iTunes 7.4, Ringtone Support Included. Now With the Fresh Scent of Lemon


Apple quietly slipped out its promised release of iTunes 7.4, integrating support for yesterdays announced iPod line - as well ringtone support for iPhone, iTunes Wi-Fi Store, and that Starbucks whatchamacallit thing. Beyond that, there really isn't much to say. Once the update is installed a new Ringtone tab is revealed after your iPhone is docked. Guess what that does? I could give a tinker's damn for music ringtones, so I won't be joining you around the campfire singing bad karaoke tunes. Sorry.

The download weighs in roughly 40MB, depending on platform of choice.


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Reader comments

Apple Rolls Out iTunes 7.4, Ringtone Support Included. Now With the Fresh Scent of Lemon


I'll tell you what it does: It DELETES any ringtones you put on your phone using any other program, even if you unclick the "sync ringtones" button.
In effect it requires that you pay .99 cents for ringtones made *from music you already own*.
Boycott apple. They are screwing their own customers.

You can't even make ringtones from music you legally own via CDs!
What a joke!
The only good iPhone related news to occur was iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store that is supposed to launch this month...

so... where is the new ringtone feature, i updated my itunes --- even bought a song to see how it is supposed to work. no bell folks, no bell.

Micah, what do you expect? You put ringtones on the phone via unauthorized means and you complain because they take it away? Yeah it costs an extra .99 cents, that's still cheaper than most downloadable ringtones! And if thats not enough for you handout loving people, go get your $100 apple giftcard next week and but yourself 50 brand spanking new ringtones, on Jobs!

oh god what a joke... So much technology and so much greed. Jobs you are f.,king over the new iphone fans. Paying for ring tones is so 1998

The update also killed the unofficial support for Outlook 2002... When I go to sync now it says there's no calendar app found, and will only sync my contacts with Windows Address Book. Lame.