Apple rumored to be adding photo sharing, commenting, video features to iCloud

Apple rumored to be adding photo sharing, commenting, video features to iCloud

Apple might just be ready to add photo and video sharing and commenting to iCloud, most likely at WWDC 2012 this June. According to The Wall Street Journal:

The new features, expected to be announced at Apple's world-wide developer conference beginning June 11, will allow iCloud users to share sets of photos with other iCloud users and to comment on them, these people said. Currently, users can only store one set of photos in iCloud through a feature called Photo Stream, which is designed to sync those photos to other Apple devices, not share them.

Apple is also working on a new feature that will allow iCloud users to sync their personal videos via iCloud, these people said, as well as allow users to access "Notes" and "Reminders"—two of its apps for jotting down quick thoughts—through Currently, those items have to be accessed via apps for those features.

iCloud's predecessor, MobileMe, included a gallery feature that provided sharing functionality, but it was not migrated to iCloud. When Apple introduced iCloud, they included Photo Stream, which handles backup but not sharing.

The recent, apparently inadvertent publication of an iCloud beta site also showed Notes and Reminders web apps that seem likely additions to iCloud.

WWDC 2012 is less than a month away. What else should Apple be adding to iCloud?

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Reader comments

Apple rumored to be adding photo sharing, commenting, video features to iCloud


'Like that's ever going to happen' (said in my best Shrek voice - and trust me, now you're saying it in your head with that same Shrek voice).
Seriously, though, I don't see how Apple could take on YouTube. Since iCloud requires an Apple device to work fully, and since the market penetration is still WELL below PC penetration......well, you get my point.
I would love to see them try, though. YouTube needs some work. So does the native Apple YouTube app. Can't add to favorites on videos easily like you can with Android. Ugh. That was my biggest gripe when switching from Android to iPhone.

An emphatic NO!
A lion's share (snicker) of Apple's recent success owes to their focus -- as came out of Tim Cook's call a couple years ago you could put all the products Apple sells on one table.
Obviously cloud products don't get thrown on a table, but the point is that focus matters, especially to Apple. I would much rather them stay locked on making a few great things (and fixing some of the stuff they already put out that does not work well) and partner for non-critical supporting features than try to be all things to all people.

So sort of like Microsoft's SkyDrive? Cool. Let's hope they don't screw this one over like Ping.

i really with they'd make it so i could navigate files i store online like i can in skydrive and sugarsync. And fully backup my device apps and all.
That said i've been waiting for them to make an itunes that automatically monitors my music folders on my external harddrive and updates any changes and that's never happened so i'm not gonna hold my breath.

iOS need some serious updates. All this stuff don't matter to me. They haven't even introduced some widgets to the notification center.

Gawd, Apple sucks at social and cloud. They're learning the hard way on this stuff. This is what happens when you attempt to take on something that is not in your DNA.

Does it uses the free 5 gb for that? If it is, it's pretty useless, since one backup of my 32 gb iPhone barely fits there as it is, sans pics.
Anyway, Skydrive already pretty much does that and I have 25 gb there.

I am really glad this is coming.
The gallery feature of MobileMe was huge for sharing photos to family members in other countries.

I don't see why Apple couldn't go after Facebook or Youtube with all the cash they have on their hands. Given that Facebook could be worth as much as Google after their IPO they should have the right to become a respectable enemy like any of the other mogols.
It's not like Apple doesn't have any games/apps to keep people glued to their screens to compete with Zuckerberg & co , so what else could be so hard to implement ? Especially if they make it ad free....

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