Apple rumored to be launching a more affordable iPod touch next week

iPod Touch

The latest Apple rumors are indicating that the company is set to launch a new model of the iPod touch next week. According to the reports, a new variant will launch soon but there's little detail to go on in terms of specifications and/or features. MacRumors states the new device will be a modified version of the current 16GB iPod touch, but available at a more competitive price point.

The iPod touch is believed to have a rear-facing camera, something the current 16GB Touch model fails to support. Not only that, but the device will be priced $30 cheaper. This wouldn't be the first time Apple has offered cheaper entry versions of existing products this year. Just look at the new iMac, which undercuts the entry price of the range by $200.

It may seem odd that Apple is keeping the same storage space, but adding the rear shooter back in for an entry device, but technology has advanced since the fifth-generation iPod touch was released back in 2012. Would you be interested in picking up a new iPod touch without breaking the bank balance?

Source: Mac Rumors

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Apple rumored to be launching a more affordable iPod touch next week


no thanks...weak storage sizes plus they're the same thing as an iphone except iphones have better specs. either get an ipod classic or an iphone.

NOT NEXT WEEK! TODAY! It's official on Apples website.. the 16gb is in line with rest..

$199 - 16GB, $249 - 32GB, $299 - 64GB

Used to be $229 - 16GB, $299 - 32 GB, $399 - 64GB

Massive drop in price for 64GB model and each bump is only $50 ... NOT $100.. I'm hoping this is a sign they will change the pricing scheme on the iPhone as well..

I think this is great. My sister (actually her husband) is too cheap to do a data contract, so the iPhone is out. They are all in on Apple, with Macbooks, iPads and an AppleTV. What this will really be is her digital camera, now connected to their soon to be here iPhoto cloud. Throw in a few games and wifi iMessages and general social media....winner. Just like the iPhone 6 is (alledgedly) moving into iPad mini range, this moves the iPod touch into the iPad micro world. Maybe this is the end of the iPod era, with it being called something like the iPad micro......hmmmmmmmm.....

Considering Apple’s continued investment in music streaming, it make sense to me for the company to also enable its venerable music player to access streamed music anywhere by including cell data capability on par with the iPad.

I enjoy using my iPod touch 5 w/32GB, and I would definitely pick up another iPod touch if it included cell connectivity.

It just says "Currently unavailable" for the 16GB model on the PH Apple online store. The 32 and 64GB models are still their old prices. I guess I'll just have to wait to see the new local prices.