iWatch reported to see September 9 reveal alongside iPhone 6


Apple's long-rumored wearable — the iWatch — has been pegged for a September 9 launch alongside the long-rumored iPhone 6. The device is expected to be more than just a "smartwatch", however, with significant health and fitness integration with HealthKit.

John Paczkowski of Re/code also claims that we'll see HomeKit integration in the iWatch, allowing some manner of control of such connected devices.

Apple has managed to keep the iWatch tightly under wraps, unlike the unending leaks of the iPhone 6. What sort of form this Apple wearable it will take, when it will launch, how much it will cost, what all it will do, and event if it will actually be called the iWatch is still up in the air. As always, things aren't official until Apple says they are, and though September 9th is the expected launch date for the iPhone 6 and now the iWatch, even that hasn't yet been made official.

Source: Re/code

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Reader comments

iWatch reported to see September 9 reveal alongside iPhone 6


Didn't even get one for the sept. 9th date. Doubt we'll get a yep for this if it's happening. A nope I could see. I'd love to be wrong though.

The minute that story came out I looked on loopinsight.com and Dalrymple's silence and Apple's pattern of giving 2 weeks notice for events has made me skeptical since the two week line was crossed yesterday. I'm not saying that they can't change things up but I refuse to believe anyone about dates now until there's an event notice from Apple.

I should've been more specific. WWDC is a developer event which is usually announced some time in April, which gives the 5000+ developers time to plan their travel schedule.

Press events, like the iPhone event in September or Mac / iPad event in October are announced and press invites are sent out 1 week in advance.

Oh, please. Not you guys too! Rene knows as well as anyone this is not how Apple works.

Does anyone seriously think Apple would take the attention away from their flagship (now the main moneymaker) product to introduce a wearable? The wearable would be the only thing that would make the news cycle and the iPhone 6 news would get buried.

Not gonna happen.

(devils advocate speaking) Or maybe, the iPhone 6 is not that interesting to begin with and Apple what’s to shift focus a bit. Or better yet, Apple has so much stuff that’s going to happen in the fall that they need to spread things around.

But honestly, I share your serious doubt about such a thing happening.

I watched Google I/O, and when they showed off the features of their smart watch OS, all I could think about what how most of they ways they used he watch were very unnecessary. To better elaborate, they showed someone using their watch to display the recipe they were following. Sounds good in theory, but your hands get dirty and covered, so displaying the next step required touching the watch.

Basically I'm saying that IF we get an iWatch, I hope the features it provides are actually useful, or an improvement on the current methods utilized.

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If anyone can do a modern electronic wearable, it will be Apple. I can't wait to see what Apple has up their sleeve.

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An announcement for the product (or introduction if you will) with a view to have the product available for sale november-ish wouldn’t be ridiculous... It would not interfere too much with early iPhone sales and it would start to create hype for the holiday shopping season.

But all in all, I don’t think Apple would be too keen on putting noise around the iPhone 6 announcement and early launch... Unless the iPhone 6 might be deemed light on bells and whistles.

The source is what makes this all believable, so it could happen. I admire, however, that iMore wrote it like the rumor it is, instead of like every other news site on the planet reporting it as if it were fact.

Neither your article or Re/code's say what/who the source is. Both just state apple is announcing iWatch... Where does this information come from?

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It is funny how everybody wants bigger screen phones, but a watch, not so big. There is a fine line reference screen size on a watch to be functional , and look good. It will be interesting to see how Apple solves this problem.

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the way that some products gets no leaks the i haven't even seen fakes just concepts and the amount of iPhone 6 rumours and leaks and lack of 5S leaks rumours leads me to conclude apple (partially) controls the leaks and 'accidentally' lets them out to test the water obviously theres also the photoshop drivel but the varying amount of information means i think apple as to be taking a part in the leaks

You should wait until the event to see if the iWatch is actually announced before making that statement.
Also, there is a chance that it could be an early announcement like the Mac Pro...it's easy to prevent leaks when it's not in production yet.
Personally, I agree with people that Apple will want to focus on the iPhone 6 and will have a separate event for the iWatch at some point. But who knows!!

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"The device is expected to be more than just a "smartwatch", however, with significant health and fitness integration with HealthKit."
? I don't see the logic here.... health and fitness integrations is something smartwatches have since forever.... literally.
How is having that being "more" than "just" a smartwatch?

OMG! Show the dang iWatch so we can all move on already ...

... Oh - Hi Rene, nice article on what you'd like to see on the iWatch, uh, umm ... later.

Will wait and see for that day to come about the I watch I wonder what it will look like if it turns out to be true how will they put in the keyboard to the watch and if they're going to add in the iPod touch mind?

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Curious to see if the "iWatch" will be closer to a fitness band like FitBit, or an elegant watch like the Pebble Steel. My guess is the former.