Apple rumored to be testing 1GB, A5X-variant powered iPhone, readying next generation iPod touch

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We've already heard quite a bit about the next generation iPhone, but now reports are surfacing about its processor and RAM as well. Just as they did last year, when Apple seeded Apple A5 powered iPhone 4 devices for testing prior to releasing the iPhone 4S, Apple is now rumored to be seeding Apple A5X powered devices for testing prior to this fall's new iPhone release. Since this A5X chip won't need to power a new iPad-style Retina display, there will be some differences according to 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman.

Instead, the iPhone prototypes that we’re talking about have a variation of the A5X’s S5L8945X architecture. Like the A5X-powered iPad, these new iPhone prototypes are packing 1GB of RAM. This prototype is labeled N96 internally, but we’re not sure if this internal codename will carry over to the actual next-generation iPhone. Again, this iPhone that we are describing is an internal-only unit built for testing the performance of a new chip in an iPhone, not an actual phone that Apple will produce.

The new iPhone is rumored to be on a fall release schedule and also include LTE networking and a screen size of

They've also gotten word on the next generation iPod touch, Apple went all of 2012 without introducing an upgraded iPod touch, so what have they been up to?

According to a file inside of an internal iOS 5.1 build, Apple is working on a fifth-generation iPod touch that is labeled iPod 5,1 internally. We haven’t heard any specifics regarding the new iPod touch hardware, but the jump from 4,1 (the current internal iPod touch label) to 5,1 indicates major internal changes, at the very least.

If I were to guess, the iPod touch 5,1 would be to the upcoming iPhone 5,1 as the iPod touch 4 was to the iPhone 4 in 2010.

Apple typically announces new iPod hardware in the fall, just in time for the all-important holiday shopping quarter.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple rumored to be testing 1GB, A5X-variant powered iPhone, readying next generation iPod touch


People will start to get bored with the iPhone if all it'll have in it is an A5X and 1GB of memory. I'm not saying that won't help things, especially the extra memory, but it needs something a bit more than what's on the current one. The only way they can get away with these iPad specs would be to improve iOS beyond its current limitations. Anything less than that and people won't care much.

If it doesn't have a larger screen I'm gonna seriously consider an android phone. I'll still have my iPad for all the iOs apps I've purchased.

I completely agree. There needs to be more than just some internal processor upgrades to make me want to renew a 2-year contract and shell out another $200; I need a physical change.
Once upon a time, I didnt feel there was a need for anything larger than 3.5", but now I have since purchased an Android 5" media player that I carry with me in addition to iPhone. It's a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 - basically a 5" tablet - and knowing that there is a 5.3" similar version that IS a phone (Galaxy Note) is VERY tempting. However,I am an Apple fan (iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone 4) and a 5" iPhone would be ideal for my situation. I know, I know: There is little chance of that happening as the resolution, blah, blah, blah. But this is direction that (at least I would like to see) things (are) going.
I am a young professional: I would like to use my smartphone more as a PDA than a phone, so size is important. I love Apple products, but if a 3.5" (or 3.x") screen is the only option for the next generation iPhone, it will be REALLY hard to justify NOT switching. We will see...

Seriously, how the heck are you going o fit a huge screen phone in your pocket? Honestly, they need to keep the size of the phone the same, just maybe increase screen size by downsizing the screen edges a bit. If they do edge to edge screen and maintain the current physical profile, it'll be a good move. Anything else and it'll blow.

I dont think you realize how little jumping up to a 5" screen affects overall size. I have no problems fitting the Galaxy Player 5.0 (which is SLIGHTLY thick for its size) in my pocket. (And it would be A LOT easier than having to carry around 2 devices!) I wear dress casual (khakis) most of the time; so I think most people would find this to be the same, that is, unless you wear form-fitting pants.
I will even say it's as easy (if not easier) to put in my pocket than an iPhone 4 with the Otterbox case on it. I had to take my Otterbox case off because it was too big. However, I dont feel that way about the Samsung Player with a case. Now, I COULD see it being a problem for a 5" owner that wants an otterbox case, though!

You're out of your mind. Not everyone is a guy wearing relaxed fit khakis out there. What fits into your pocket won't fit in everyone's. This is the idea behind a phone that can be used by almost everyone of every shape and size. This is why there's about a billion different Android phones out there and none of them appeal to multiple people. The problem with Android devices is the same problem as RIM had with BB. Too many different models to try and fit everyone's personal needs rather than picking one standard design which could fit everyone. Anyway, there's no way in hell a 5" phone would fit in everyone's pocket. Besides, they can get to 4 or 4.5" easily if they find a way to do edge to edge display. We'll see if they even want to go that far. Anything bigger and people won't buy it, I promiss you that.

Exactly; I've had my iPhone 4 for over a year and a half now, and it rarely ever leaves its Otter Box Defender. It does add some bulk but I don't really care as it does a phenomenal job of protecting the phone. Pocketability isn't really a concern for me as I carry it in a holster.
I've also played around with some of the bigger WP7 and Android phones, and they're generally not that much bigger, except for maybe that Galaxy Note; now that is one huge phone, more of a "tabphone," actually. But even that is still manageable, esp. if you have big hands.

Oh I completely agree! Not everybody wears khakis, and not everybody wants to use a 3.5" display as a daily planner/PDA or carry 2 devices. My point is: Apple needs something different in the next generation iPhone. By using the same screen size, they are appealing to ONLY those who already CAN get a iPhone that fits their physical wants, i.e. iPhone3G, 3GS, 4, or 4S. But there is NOT an iPhone that fits my preference, i.e. one with a larger screen. Phones are NOT a one-size-fits-all item, and thats how Apple has treated it so far (and one of the reasons Android has been gaining popularity). This practice is literally FORCING people into either switching to another OS, or to carry 2 devices.
Some people just will tell me to switch to an Android phone if I want a bigger screen, but I don't want to switch to Android OS anymore than you do. I own many Apple devices and have already invested in iOS. I LIKE iOS and Apple! But the longer I am waiting on a solution from Apple, the better Android is becoming and at least they are offering different physical forms to suit individual needs.

"This is why there’s about a billion different Android phones out there and none of them appeal to multiple people. The problem with Android devices is the same problem as RIM had with BB. Too many different models to try and fit everyone’s personal needs rather than picking one standard design which could fit everyone."
First of all, the reason Android devices don't have the mass appeal is because there ARE a million choices, meaning that only a few will stick out. Samsung has sold millions of Galaxy Notes, but they didn't intend for it to be a one-size-fits-all device.
The problem RIM had was not due to too many different devices. It was due to LACK of distinction. I am a former Blackberry owner and I couldn't even tell you the difference between most of the models - they all look the same and are basically the same form (except the Storm) - keyboard, trackball/pad, small screen. They were LATE at adapting trends in technology (i.e. touchscreen, mobile media). I mean the Storm was their first touchscreen phone and it came out almost a year and a half AFTER the original iPhone (and it had problematic software).

I would also like at least a 4" screen, but Apple may also think the same. Bigger screen, get the iPad, or they think most people have the iPad. It is getting to the point where there is little physical change, but a lot under the hood so to speak. I wonder if it has crossed their minds to make the new iPod Touch bigger, some sort of game/media player. That way it can be a suped up iPad, just smaller, and cheaper. Have an SD card slot to read photos. Just thinking.

^ I agree. I'm tired of having to jailbreak to do the things I want with MY phone. But we will see. Maybe the new iPod touch will be a 7 inch iPad lol.

I have a 4 close to it's second birthday, so a 5 with A5X speed, LTE, Siri and the better camera means a guaranteed sale to me, even if there is nothing else added hardware wise. I'm betting the majority of the magic will be in iOS 6 anyway, not a major hardware refresh. The 4 form factor fits very comfortably in my hand and pocket, and the screen is very readable/watchable at it's current size. If they can squeeze a little more screen real estate out of it without messing with the current dimensions of the case too much, great, but I don't want a materially bigger phone. That is what my iPad is for.

Fair enough, but the thing is, not everyone wants or needs an iPad. Some of us would just like a bigger screen without having to get a tablet of some sort. I'm with you on the overall dimensions of the iPhone; I'm pretty happy with the size, weight, and form factor of it as it is (so we can still fit it inside existing docks and cases), but having a bigger (say, 4") screen within that same size & shape, with an A5X and an LTE antenna would be my next phone, easily. But if Apple still keep the same 3.5" screen (as I suspect they probably will), then I'll just have to look elsewhere for my next phone.

Even if it contains only minor improvements, the 5-or-whatever-they-call-it is on my shopping list to replace my iPhone 4. I do not care much about a bigger screen size; LTE would be nice, since I am in an area that can use it, but not a must-have. In fact, there is only one hardware feature I need in my next iPhone:

  • A home button that can stand up to its intended usage over time.

Amen... My almost-2-year-old iPhone 4 hasn't had any issues with its home button (fingers crossed & knock on wood), but I have a friend who's gone thru 3 iPhones for that very reason; his home button kept breaking. I told him to go to the Apple Store and get them to replace it, and Apple gave him a replacement iPhone 4 every time, so it worked out fine. Still, that's gotta be really annoying. I hope Apple will finally do that and make it a non-moving part, or at least redesign it so it'll no longer have that issue.

All of 2012 without a new ipod touch? Well, your crystal ball is working well. But if that's the case, there is no new ipod touch in the fall. :)

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