Apple’s Black Friday one day shopping event now live around the world

Apple’s Black Friday one day shopping event now live around the worldApple has gone live with its Black Friday one day sale and you could make a reasonable saving if you take advantage of the one day event. The sale includes the iPad with Retina display, iPad 2, iPod touch, MacBook Pro with Retina display, MacBook pro, MacBook Air and a few selected accessories.

If you fancy picking up an iPad with Retina display today, you can get yourself a saving of $41 off the usual price; regardless of what model you go for. The iPad 2 line sees a slightly smaller saving, but still $31 off the price is not to be sniffed at. The iPod touch also has its price slashed by $31 and the 4th generation iPod touch by slightly less attractive $21.

The biggest savings can be found in the MacBook range, you can save a very healthy $101 off a new MacBook regardless of what model you go for. The same $101 discount applies to the MacBook Air too. Apple has also knocked a few dollars off some selected accessories like the AirPort Express, Time Capsule, Magic Mouse, Trackpad, Wireless Keyboard, Smart Covers and headphones.

If you were planning on picking up an Apple product in the near future, today could be the time to do it. Let us know if you take advantage of Apple’s Black Friday savings.

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Apple’s Black Friday one day shopping event now live around the world


Bought a trackpad for my brother as a gift and picked up a bright red smart case for my iPad3. Not that bad of a sale but not great either.

Picked up a 32 GB iPad 4 and smart case this morning. Best Buy had a little better deal yesterday, but I missed it. Was happy to get in on a decent deal today.

Waaah!!! I was hoping they would put those Lightening to 30 pin adapters and cables on sale. That would have taken some sting out of spending $40-$50 on a cable!!

But I guess those items don't have enough profit margin for Apple....

$40-$50 for a cable? And now we know why Apple REALLY changed to this "Lightening Connector", that doesn't really do anything more than cause buyers to have to fork over more money for adapters and cables. No thanks.

I was going to buy an iPad today but after looking at my credit card statement I decided against it :/ it would have been nice to take advantage of some discount. Maybe next year