Apple said to start marketing hiring spree

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For all of its high profile and signature flavor, Apple's marketing has never been a major focus for the company, but that may change with an upcoming hiring spree of creatives for in-house advertising. An unnamed Apple executive has spoken about a shift which will include the growth of the in-house design group from 300 to 500 or 600. Apparently Steve Jobs kept a limited headcount in order to keep Apple focused on product rather than advertising, despite the company's increasing scale.

The only serious marketing blunder we've seen from Apple within recent memory was the Genius campaign, but by and large, the latest ads have fallen in line with those we've seen from the Jobs era. It will be interesting to see if new blood changes the marketing direction in any way, or simply expands the scope of campaigns.

How do you feel about Apple's current advertising strategy? What would you change?

Source: AdAge

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Apple said to start marketing hiring spree


The recent iPhone ads seem to simply state, "Ours is more popular than the others." Not much to win over people actually shopping for a new smartphone. I hope that iPhone 5S (6?) will have more of a "wow" factor to boost ads into something more than a popularity contest.

I am thinking they are adding significant numbers and talent because they are gearing up to enter a market that is totally new and different from anything they have ever done before. Something that is related to hiring Paul Deneve, French-speaking Belgian, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, one of the big high fashion houses, and before that, positions in Courreges, Nina Ricci and Lanvin. Something that is related to rumblings about iWatch and other wearables. Something that capitalizes on the Apple brand's unique cachet with the high fashion set; the only tech company that is not burdened by even the faintest whiff of a nerdy rep.

"Apple's marketing has never been a major focus for the company" I respectfully disagree. Not that they aren't focusing on creating good products and services. But I feel like marketing has always been essential to Apple's success. It's how they established such strong brand recognition. "the in-house design group from 300 to 500 or 600" All this says to me, is their consumer market is growing and they have more products/services to market. Also, maybe they are ramping up to counter their competition. (My Opinion)

From the consumer side, sure, we all know and appreciate the ads. From their perspective though, marketing is a pretty small part of their budget relative to what other manufacturers spend.