Apple says Happy Birthday, Mac - celebrating 30 years of innovation

Today, the Mac turns 30 – and a very happy birthday to it as well! – and of course, Apple is at the forefront of celebrating the past three decades of its iconic personal computer. This video has just been posted online, celebrating 30 years of innovation, and some of the pioneers who used the Mac in a variety of awesome ways. There's even a cameo from Moby in there, and it's a really great look at how the Mac has evolved into a tool that can be used for such incredible means.

So, what turned you over to the Mac during the last 30 years? For me, it was a love at first sight affair with an 11-inch iBook, and I've never looked back. Here's to the next great 30 years of Mac!

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Apple says Happy Birthday, Mac - celebrating 30 years of innovation


My first Macintosh experience was in 1991. My dad brought home an SE/30 that had been used in his civil engineering office as a printer server for a huge laser printer. They replaced the printer while it was less than two years old and didn't need the SE/30 anymore.

It was magical, honestly. It ran System 6.0.8, and only had Word 4 installed. Oh... And this little CDEV called After Dark...

I got a Mac IIsi in 1992 and it was everything this video professes. Having said that - I can't wait for the inspirational indie tribal music phase to pass.

If I'm being honest I wasn't turned over to Mac. I use both Windows and Mac daily and I have both a Windows and Mac laptop at home. My Mac is my main computer both at home and at work. So I was turned on to Mac but I didn't leave Windows behind like many others. What turned me on to Mac was wanting of knowledge. I am a techno-literate person and I always want to know more. I have used Android, different routers, Linux, etc. for the same reason. This is what turned me on to Mac because before my Mac I was ignorant of Macs on a whole. I knew nothing about it or Apple. I became aware of Macs when I first started working in IT and as IT I thought I should know Mac for the times when I would have to provide support. After my first Mac I fell in love with the way they work, with the Mac OS, with the family feeling of the users. I knew the iPhone was the smartphone for me not because it was from Apple but just because I knew. All the same watching an Apple keynote online gives me a feeling no other consumer electronics company does and I don't see that ever changing.