Apple says iOS 7 is now installed on 87% of devices

Apple has updated their iOS version distribution, and it’s looking solid as ever. Six months after its launch, iOS 7 is on 87% of iPhones and iPads, while iOS 6 has 11% share, and 2% of users are running anything earlier. This is in stark contrast to Android’s latest version, KitKat 4.4, which has only wrangled 5.3% of its userbase.

Fragmentation is historically the biggest issue with competing platforms, while Apple has managed to roll out updates pretty consistently across the board. It would be great to see the breakdown of 7.1 and other incremental updates, but as is, this looks pretty good. Which version of iOS are you running? Do you have a lot of friends running anything older?

Source: Apple Via: AppleInsider

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Reader comments

Apple says iOS 7 is now installed on 87% of devices


That number seems really high given how many ipod 1-4's, iphone's up till the 3gs, etc were sold. Is it 87% of active devices? 87% of devices capable of ios7?

Its iPhones and iPads, and of course, ones that can be upgraded to iOS 7. Typical cherrypicking to make statistics look good.

Cherrypick Android stats like that and Kit Kat would have a massive percent on devices capable of running it. I couldn't find evidence of it bring iOS 7 capable only, but these numbers definitely look funky

It's devices used to make purchases from the App Store, specifically. Which gives app developers a clear indication of their user base, more than anything.

I'm not sure what's so confusing about this. Unless people think there is this large swath of iOS 7 capable devices still running a previous version and never accessing the App Store? Seems unlikely to me. As you say, this is for developers, so if most people accessing the App Store are running iOS 7 developers aren't going to put many resources into supporting iOS 6 and prior.

I thought the same thing, since there are many legacy units still floating around which can't run iOS 7. Perhaps the legacy stuff isn't included in the numbers.

"87% of devices capable of ios7?" -- likely this.

Edited to revise... as noted by Peter above - it's 87% of devices hitting the AppStore are running iOS7...

Only 2% are using iOS 1-5? How many millions of devices did they sell that are not capable of running iOS 7? These numbers seem weird

No, it means only 2% of devices running iOS 1-5 accessed the App Store during the specific time period the measured.

The AndroidCentral post made reference to ALL Android devices accessing Google Play, which include all sorts of Android enabled devices, and this piece compares that just to iOS 7 enabled iPhones and iPads, ignoring hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads and iPods in use that cannot run iOS 7.

I get that those were the statistics available, but the author could have made this disclaimer just to avoid appearing disingenuous.

Hundreds of millions of iDevices can't run iOS 7? Where in the world are you getting that figure from? And where does Apple say their figures only include devices capable of running iOS 7?

The statistics did not include any iPod Touches, right there you have over one hundred million, of which just a very few can run iOS 7 anyway. Add to that all 3G (not that many of those) and 3GSs, a very successful device that was still available in some markets until recently, and all the original iPads. All in all at the very least 150 million devices, so you can switch that to "over a hundred million devices" if it makes you feel better.

And I bet Apple did not include the iPhone 4 nor the 4S on that count, since those are not fully iOS 7 compliant.

Apple get its number the same way- via the millions of iDevices accessing the App Store. And you don't have to be on iOS 7 to access the App Store.

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Why are we still comparing this to the install base of Android? Lets put it into perspective.

If we're only going by the OS version needed to use most features/API's...then that would need to be revised to compare iOS 7 to all of Android 4.x. As Android 4.x is all that is really needed to be able to use the apps in the Play Store. Not to mention, with Play Services handling a lot of the updates along with core apps being decoupled from the OS...being on the latest and greatest for Android doesn't hold as much importance as being on the latest and greatest for iOS

iOS looks like complete garbage. Please Apple, move on to the next iOS layout already, or else give us the option to roll back to the beautiful iOS 6.