Apple Scoops up Samsung Exec for Taiwan


According to DigiTimes , Apple has poached Samsung Executive Scott Huang to fill a slot at Apple Taiwan. Huang was VP of Samsung's Mobile Communications unit and seems to have his finger on the pulse of the Taiwanese smartphone market. Hint: it's seriously poised for some serious growth, seriously.

Given how gigantic their splash in the US has been, it's sometimes easy to forget that Apple is just getting started in the global market. They may be the #2 smartphone state-side, but worldwide they have a lot of work to do. Expect a lot of hires like this in the near future as Apple realizes that different countries have different issues to be dealt with -- the folks that have grokked how to dominate the US don't necessarily know how to dominate other markets, and it's a good sign that Apple gets this.


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Dieter Bohn

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Apple Scoops up Samsung Exec for Taiwan

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Guess we know why the Jobsjet has been racking up so many frequent flyer miles!
Now please tell me Apple's next move is to send Moishe after Ted Rogers in Canada, introduce sane data rates, and smack down some official iPhone love in the land of the Mounties. Because we need it. Seriously. (Seriously).
(Watching Grey's Anatomy much?)