Apple seeds new OS X 10.9.1 beta: Developers, come and get it!

Apple seeds new OS X 10.9.1 beta: Developers, come and get it!

Apple has posted a new beta version of OS X 10.9.1, marked as build 13B40. The new release is current available for pre-release testing by registered Mac developers.

Apple covers notes related to the release under its non-disclosure agreement with developers, so we won't report them here. But if you're a registered Mac developer, get yourself over to the Apple Developer Center for more information.

Peter Cohen

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lfeuln says:

Really hoping it fixes the bad Launchpad lag (as in freezing mid-transition) when scrolling through panes via my MBA trackpad. Small thing but a perpetual annoyance since updating!

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AndreTheGeek says:

I hope they fix the IMAP bug - the one that causes the odd email to not show in Mail, even though it's plainly there on the iPad or in webmail. Yes, I've applied the mail patch. Yes, I've done a rebuild on my mailbox.

ifox1987 says:

Hopefully they fix kernel_task being a huge resource hog!

kch50428 says:

Seeing via Twitter AppleCare reps have been seeded this build too... public release can't be too far away.

asuperstarr says:

Can't wait for the update.

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