Apple seeds OS X 10.9.3 beta: Developers, come get you some


Apple has posted the new beta of OS X 10.9.3, build 13D45a for registered Mac developers to test. This is pre-release software covered by a non-disclosure agreement, so we're not going to post the details of the new build, but rest assured that major bugs and gripes will be addressed.

We have no idea when we'll see the update for Mavericks, but we expect it soon. If you're a developer in good standing, high-tail it to the Apple Developer Center and start poking around.


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iOS Gravity says:

"Come and get you some"? LOL What's up the spelling errors today?

TrickyFerret78 says:

Nope. I dig it just like that!

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counterculture says:

Sorry, new Mac user here (adopted last August) but how long does it usually take for Mac betas to reach GM?? I feel like these betas have been ongoing for some time now...

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Tony Quan says:

10.9.2 took two months to go from beta 1 to release.