Tim Cook: Apple made Touch ID, people love to shop on iOS, you do the mobile transaction math

Touch ID

During today's quarterly financial conference call, Apple's Tim Cook fielded a question about using facilitate purchases. Cook said "It's clear there's a lot of opportunity there." The answer was as open-ended as the question, which is to say that Apple sees their Touch ID solution as simple and elegant, proven by engagement by iPhone 5s users in the App Store, and they see opportunity in the mobile payment space, and not necessarily tethered to Touch ID.

Still, Cook was predictably tight-lipped beyond that, and didn't have anything new to announce on that front. How do you guys think Apple could get involved with mobile payments? Might they finally pick up NFC in a device?

Simon Sage

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Becjr says:

"Apple's Tim Cook fielded a question about using [is something missing here] facilitate purchases. "
I thought Apple wasn't gonna touch NFC until they figured out a more "Ooo, Aaaah" tech to make it look obsolete. Like Apple loves to do w/peripheral connection types.

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asuperstarr says:

We will have to see. It doesn't matter if what ever is used isn't universal available and accepted by all.

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bluedragon1971 says:

Mobile transactions are going to difficult. With manufacturers, carriers, financial instutions all wanting a piece of the pie, the fees would be so high it would discourage use.

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Spartacuswines says:

I don't think the fees will be high at all. Look at you credit cards, if you don't Carry a balance and if your smart, you don't pay any fees.

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