Apple to sell Square credit card reader for iPhone, iPad

Apple to sell Square credit card reader for iPhone, iPad

Square, the credit card reader for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is now available online via and will soon be available at Apple Retail locations as well.

Square is a revolutionary service that allows you to accept credit cards, using a reader that plugs into your iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 4, or iPad along with a free easy-to-use app. There's no need for complicated contracts, monthly fees, or merchant accounts. All you pay is 2.75% per transaction. You can download the free app from the App Store. Square is currently available for use in the U.S.

Costs $9.95 (and you get a $10 credit upon sign up), which is crazy for anyone who remembers how complicated and costly is used to be to get merchant accounts or otherwise setup to handle credit card transactions. TechCrunch points out:

Clearly Square is taking a bit of a bath on the device sales here. Apple is probably taking some sort of cut from the transaction, and Square is giving merchants a $10 credit, so effectively, the company isn’t really making any money. In fact, it appears that Square could be losing money on this. But an endorsement and placement from Apple could boost sales and usage for the payments device so perhaps all will even out in the end. Also, Apple managing distribution and shipping of Square devices means that the startup will be able to give users access to quicker and more efficient delivery operations.

Anyone in the US going to pick Square up and give it a try?

[Apple Online via TechCrunch]

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There are 45 comments. Add yours.

Azhar Kamar says:

Cool stuff. Gotta try this Square credit card reader.

Stew says:

It's funny thou, it was already available and Square would mail you it for free with no charge for the reader. Fees are really low on them as well, you only pay on transactions and there is no monthly service fee.

usmc says:

It works awesome and seamless.

BlaqkAudio says:

I opened a Square account back when I had an HTC Hero. I never had the chance to actually use it until this week. My friend paid me back for some stuff I ordered online for her, and then I used it at a party to collect money for drinks. Worked great.

jgr627 says:

I heard they were free before too but a long wait to get them I'll def be picking one up n give it a try with my weekend garage sales

Stew says:

when I opened my account I received the reader in the mail 2 days later. A nice thing is that you can attach a photograph. I usually take a photograph of the person's drivers license so that I can say that the person that used the card was the owner and that it was verified with their drivers license.
Makes life so much easier.

livefree says:

Does this not just make it easier for people to steal credit cared details?

Stew says:

There is always that risk but...
... if someone is going to steal the information they would do it in the same way that they have always done it and double scan it.
In fact it is far safer using Square or a similar credit processing system where the equipment is easily visible so a double swipe through a duplicator-reader cannot be carried out.
The App does not keep your credit card information, it is processed remotely and the final record does not display the whole credit card number.
In the same sense it does not protect the vendor from Chargebacks though if you take precautions, for example use the photo record to take a picture of their drivers license or of the customer then you have a little more protection against this if there ever comes an occasion where the purchaser decides to do a charge back!
Like any processing system for credit cards there are risks for both sides of the purchase.

Tekoo says:

Does Square work in other countries? In my case, Australia

Tekoo says:

Nevermind... Got my answer in their FAQ :(

E$F says:

I been using it at my business for over a month now. Kicks ass love it so easy and no hassle and cheap. My 1.00 charge pretty much covers squares percentage fee. Can't beat that ATM charges 2.50 plus another two from the bank and those are usually the cheapest you'll find ATM fees so customers don't mind the 1.00 charge

Len#IM says:

I just add the cost to my price and offer a cash discount. Easier than upcharging :-)

mathan13 says:

Hi Tekoo,
Can i know where did you read the FAQ? I'm from Malaysia and I would like to know whether this service is available in my country or not. Thanks in advance.

jspraggins75 says:

I'm an unsigned jazz musician. Square has really helped me get my CDs in the hands of people that don't carry cash. It works great!!

JROD says:

Odd, pay for it on or go to and sign up for free and get device for free. I just signed up and it stated my free device will arrive in 2-5 days.

bmrdave says:

Apple charges you $9.95. Square gives you a $10 credit. You're a nickel ahead. (less the shipping charges)

JROD says:

I understand that, I can find another way to make a nickel though

Amy says:

The Square reader & service is a great product. I've had mine for over a year now and feel it's a very secure, convenient way to accept credit cards for my business.

@felixisdope says:

I've been using square for about 4 months. and I love it.

Earless Puppy says:

I got mine free about 2 weeks ago

Dweezil says:

Thank God! Soemnoe with brains speaks!

Jen N. says:

Been using the Square reader for several years. I'm a Massage Therapist, and my clients had been asking for a while if I accepted credit cards as payment. The Square reader has helped me with my business because it offers more flexibility to the client. The small fee per swipe is no biggie compared to its convenience.

dave says:

Several years? It only went live on December 12th 2009.

krisk says:

I just signed up at, and at the end it said they needed more time to process my request. It did this when I set up an account for both my business and a personal account. Has anyone else had this happen?

TFausett says:

So this only works with iPhone 4, iPod touch 4 and iPad for sure. Has anybody tried to use it on a 3GS? I would like to get this for my wife but she has a 3GS.

energysoup says:

I was an early adopter, I signed up when the app was announced and got the reader for free.

ken says:

square is fantastic. it cool you can get them in black now.
it is by far the best pos system out there.
if you dont do more than $5000 or so a month in sales, it is also by far the cheapest.
Though I got mine free, it is well worth the $10 for anyone else.

artkin says:

This might be a silly question but when they swipe, where does the money go exactly? They didn't ask for my credit info, so how do I get to the money from the transactions?

artkin says:

Scratch that. Of course I'd post a question before checking my email.

David says:

Does Square charge for the reader now? When I signed up last year, the reader came free. Their transaction fees are insanely low, the service is great.

kris says:

I use square regularly, and really, the way to do it is to just sign up on the square website, then they just mail you the reader for free. Really, it's that simple.
The iPad app for square is especially awesome, as well.

C.J. says:

I hate Apple I hate every little thing about them and I bought 3 iPhone 3G, 1 iPhone 3GS, 3 iPhone 4s. Of course most of them are gifts. I only had the 3G which sucked and now using iPhone 4 for personal use. Blackberry for work it works better for work only. But this is amazing!!! I'll see to this in more detail and maybe help my brother with his business. Now this is inovation.

C.J. says:

Ooops I didnt read the whole article. It only works in the states. Plus the charges are way too high. Better deal with companies who already offer this service for cheaper and u dont have to use your iphone.

nab says:

They still offer the reader for free at (given that they accept your application) and you will receive it within a week. Im assuming they partnered up with apple for the exposure... I've been using this for 2 months, on an android phone (apple isn't your only option here!!!), and it is AMAZING. No monthly fees, no contract. Just a simple 2.75% of each transaction. You cant find a cheaper service. Tell me about one that doesn't charge a monthly fee, doesn't charge the standard 15 cent per transaction fee, PLUS a percent of each sale, has no contract, and doesn't charge a yearly "mandatory" fee. I've done my research, and nothing comes close. Also, this isn't just for businesses. Anyone with a bank account can have one. The only thing that I dont like about it is having to explain its awesomeness to each and every customer!

Techgirl says:

Not sure if its still available but if you go to and sign up the device is free or at least it was when I got mine.

Matt says:

Can't wait until they offer it in Canada. Hopefully it'll happen. Nice device, interface, and price! Perfect for small businesses.
I am a photographer, and I know most of my clients would love to use their credit cards to pay.

AJ says:


Frederick Malouf says:

Adventure Film Festival is using it and they love it. I want it in Australia for the festival in Sydney, to pay to an Australian bank account.
Anyone at Square or Apple working on the international aspect of this service?

Dennis Murphy says:

I'd also like to know when or if Square is going to be made available in Australia?

Stonesthrowcottage says:

I'm waiting for it too!! I am in Australia also and have a small business. Just got back from the US. While I was there I bought
something at a market. The vendor took my credit card and swiped it on her iPhone, I signed the screen with my finger and she sent me the receipt to my email address! Unbelievable!!
If anybody knows when it will be available in Australia please let us know.

brian mcdonald says:

Why does this cost $9.95? I thought it was free. I saw it on sale at the Apple Store this past weekend and they were selling pretty quickly. Mine was free!
Square is becoming more and more mainstream since it has finally gotten past the hype euphoria phase and survived as a method of accepting payment thats tried and tested. A new review came out about it here:

Joe says:

Are there any reports you can run to track total transactions? Do you have the ability to check the full credit card number if needed?

free stuff without surveys says:

Application Not Compatible- This application requires the iPhone 3.2 software update