Apple: Selling iPhone 4 and iPad as fast as they can make them

Along with 8.4 million iPhones (of which 1.7 million were iPhone 4) and 3.3 million iPads reported during their Q3 2010 conference call, Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook repeatedly pointed out Apple is selling units just as fast as they can produce them.

For iPhone 4, Cook said the demand was stunning. He said he wanted to be clear: Apple is selling every iPhone 4 they can make and dismissed rumors Apple was purposefully constraining supply to create artificial buzz. He said Apple would like to fill every order they get as quickly as they can. And again, iPhone growth was particularly strong in Europe, Asia, and Japan.

In terms of the iPad, Apple planned for 1 million a month in iPad production capacity -- when some critics said they wouldn't sell 1 million in a year -- did that, and are still doing it. They're increasing capacity as fast as they can to meet the demand. Cook also said they weren't seeing the usual early adopter curve with high initial sales that taper off quickly, and that iPad might be hitting mainstream adoption rates faster than any product he knows of. So far, it's not cannibalizing other Apple products like Mac or iPod touch either -- though it's too soon to tell if there will be a halo that actually increases adoption of those products.

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Reader comments

Apple: Selling iPhone 4 and iPad as fast as they can make them


My iPhone 4 is way clearer than my 3GS, heavier, has better reception and is far more durable than I ever expected it to be! I call shenanigans on the naysayers! :)

HTC and Moto are selling their high end handsets as fast as they can make them(backlogs), not to mention all the mid-range and entry level sales. 160,000 Android activation a day which equals about 4.8 million a MONTH. The reign is over Steve.

My kids and their friends are still crazy over apple!! When is it going to stop...
4 ipads and 6 iphone 4!! I have to admit, its sweet!!!

lol despite all the negative publicity from antennagate, every single iPhone 4 is still being purchased? apple lovers rejoice! apple haters commence trolling!
and the rest...
can we all go back to the flash v html5 debate?

I ordered my iPhone 4 from on July 9th. Does anybody know when I will receive it. It's taking forever!!!

I also ordered my iPhone 4 from apple website on July 9th. Damn it's taking forever does anybody know when I will receive it

@Frankie umm ya sure. Right. People have been saying that for two years now. Lol
@freaknasty htc and moto have how many phones out? Ok now how many does apple have? Great comment though Lol boy you trolls are soooooo stupid. It's amazing.

Don't you find it amazing that with all the negative press and all the hoopla hoopla about the iPhone antenna. And they are still selling by the ton. iPhone is not dying anytime soon.

A message to all the fandroids enjoy your slap chop choppy os and your 3 hour battery life. The evo I had for a week was great. After happily returning it. I got a lot of plugging in a phone and charging skills. And pressing a button ten times on the non responsive screen to get something going. And when my screen was coming off the phone that was great it was like a removable screen. Fantastic.

Can anyone explain why the front camera on the iPhone 4 takes mirror images?! It's stupid, if I take a shot based on what I see on screen that's what I expect to see saved but that's not the case. The image gets flipped after taking the shot. I was going to return my phone today until I discovered all the iPhones at the apple store do the same thing. Can I change this?!?!

Hey Frankie and long before your Roid phone is offered as a Buy 1 Get 1 Free? It has happened with every model within a few months.
And one mote thing Freaky. 160 Droid activations a day is for ALL Droid models, not one. Last time I checked there was what, 15 different ones?
Weak arguments, you clowns!

Apple has two phones on many carriers in many nations. What's your point? Android phones alone are beating sales of Apple phones and ipads. This is not even counting the Droid X, Droid 2, and Samsung Galaxy class phones. Not to mention the inevitable hot sh*t that will drop during the course of the next year completely outclassing the iPhone 4, likely before the year is even up. So many options on so many carriers it's insane. I can get the Samsung Epic 4G when it drops and pass the Evo to the wife. I love so would be perfectly content keeping it and letting her get the Samsung. People see my Evo 4G and saw "wow is that the Evo or Droid X"?, they see the Iphone 4 and say "does it have that antenna issue?"

Gawd, all this "mines better than yours" is annoying. iPhone4 (and Vista) is what happens when companies have a lead and get too comfortable. Although I have no interest in Android personally, I would like to see them make gains. Ideally, I'd like to see Android and iOS running neck-and-neck for a long time. Competition is good, and the fanboy pride is really juvenile.

If I wanted a phone the size of the Evo, I would rig my iPad to make calls.
And I don't know where you are getting your sales number from, Freaky.
Bet on it. Buy One Get One on Evo by end of September. iPhone 4 will still be stronger than ever. Apple just reported it's best quarter ever.

@freaknasty How old are you 12-13? There is 20x more android os devices and there are 2 iPhones. That's like saying Toyota sells more cars then suzuki. Jesus grow up. I tried the evo you may love it and whisper sweet nothings to it. But I did not and many others have tried and returned as well. Just like the iPhone 4. But I like the iPhone 4. I like to scroll on a phone without it slap chopping. I like a phone that gets the newest os not the one that came out a year and a half ago. If something is wrong with my phone I take it to the apple store. Not send it out and wait a week or bring it to the carrier that has no clue what there doing. I like many have no problem with the new iPhone. No reception problems no display problems no AT&T problems notta nothing. Awesome.

I love the iPhone 4! Upgraded from a 3GS i bought on launch day last year, and I. Love. Apple! The iOS4 UI is way better and simpler for the end user to maximize the use of a phones really cool cabililties is WAY better and easier than my mom's VZW Droid X and my buddy has a Sprint htcEVO. My opinion: I love iOS4 on Apple's industry leading products. :)

Ya freaknasty and others trollhaters. Beat it go to fandroid central. I don't go there and troll around about crapdroid.

Production must be up or demand down. Whatever it is I don't know. What I do know is that I ordered my iPhone 4 last Thursday and it shipped from Texas today and should be in my hands on Thursday. That's a 1 week wait for a product which used to have a 3 week backlog not long ago.

A co-worker of mine has the evo 4. I'm not impressed at all... At my job about 90% have an iPhone 3GS or 4. The Evo 4 looks an feels cheap in comparison to the Ip4.. The UI is total crap IMO.
Just my .02

Just wondering if u know that the link u posted shows a bunch of android phones across all carriers compared to the iPhone (on one carrier), when u look at it like that androids numbers aren't impressive at all, I would hope all the android phones across all networks would be selling more, that would just be a shame!!!!!!

Wow, Apple is massively successful. They're making as many iDevices as they can sell, and they've just had their best quarter ever. Amazing. I hope the company doesn't loose focus or change because of this.

I liked the android os till I tried iPhone OS back when 3.0 came out. IMO if droid os does ever surpass ios it will be a LONG way down the road. My roomies both just got new moto backflips because they were free. We all know a good phone is never given away free, cheap phones are free due to desperation of seller aka AT&T.

absolute bs, i have seen an apple worker toting a white iphone, why aren't they on sale then???

Yes, when are the White iPhones on sale.
They will be going as fast as they can make them too. All I am waiting for is a White iPhone now.

It's because apple produces less than the demand in order to market their toys as the best. Apple idiots line up for it anyways. So ppl will sign their lives into contracts just because they waited 2 hours. Lol AT&T Rogers are making a killing as well.

Have you seen some of the crap devices Android is getting thrown on? Evo and it's not really 4G notwithstanding, what is your point? That an armada of devices can outsell one? Congratulations now go tell someone who cares. Even with the antenna issues there's still a nice fat 3 week backlog.