Apple share of smartphone market rises with iPhone 4S release

Apple share of smartphone market rises with iPhone 4S release

According to Nielsen, the amount of all smartphones running iOS -- namely the iPhone -- rose from 30% to 37% over the last 3 months, compared to the share of all smartphones running Android OS -- namely 8 googlezillion at last official count -- rose from 46.3% to 51.7%. The growth came largely at the expense of BlackBerry, which shrank from 14.9% to 6% over the same period.

Among recent smartphone purchasers, Apple jumped from 25.1% last quarter to 44.5% while Android slowed from 61.6% to 46.9% and BlackBerry slid from 7.7% to 4.5%.

Given the tremendous success of the iPhone 4S last quarter, which ended prior to the launch of the next-generation Android 4.0 devices, and while RIM is still stuck in the great desert of the QNX/BB10 platform transition, the numbers aren't surprising. Once we get deeper into Apple's typical year-long product cycle, and new Android 4.0 devices start hitting the market in earnest, the figure will almost certainly flip flop again.

However, that Apple continues to have the most popular single phones on the market, and a phenomenally disproportionate profit share, should perhaps be an indicator that better, more nuanced, and more contextual analysis are needed from metrics companies.

Source: Nielsen via Android Central

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Apple share of smartphone market rises with iPhone 4S release


Honestly if the next iPhone doesn't have a 4"-ish screen and LTE I think Apple will rapidly lose market share as more 3GS and 4 users become upgrade eligible. It will be hard to justify locking in for 2 years on a sub-4" 3G only phone come this Summer and Fall. Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone will all have high screen res 4"+ LTE enabled handsets available by the end of the the year. Apple would be stupid not to be part of that party.

Buy android and join the crowd. Android offers an unlimited flexibility of what your phone can do for you. Ditch your ibsolete idevices.

No thanks - I've seen Android devices crash firsthand. When things go bad on an android - they go BAD.
Obsolete? Do you know how many Android devices I've seen come through our store in the last year? Only to be gone in 6 months because a new one is out?

How about ditching yourself and troll elsewhere? Thanks for your brilliant take bud, or should I say, pud. Every phone is obsolete within a month after release, genius

I wish people would stop reading this wrong "the amount of all smartphones running iOS — namely the iPhone — rose from 30% to 37%" is just completely false. If you actually read what the right hand chart is showing it basically the share of sales from the last three months. The left is the current numbers, and the right is the acceleration. So if in the last 3 months there were a 10% increase in smartphone users, the new figures would be 14.5Rim 32.2 Apple 49.2Goog, nowhere near 37%

Seriously Rim is fading away. Maybe one day they'll come back like apple....first they gotta fire those two. CEOs, then they can rehire only one of them. Lol

When you have hundreds of Android devices out there, and many are "free" with new contract, growth should be even higher than the 3. something.

The same argument could be made of the iPhone 3GS and Apple's growth being higher as that is their "low end" device. The high end Android phones are comparable or higher than the iPhone 4 and 4s.

Why is IOS shown as a full percentage when all others are shown to exact decimal point?
Is IOS frightenned of showing exact figures?

no, the numbers just happen to be 30.0% and 37.0% just like RIM was 6.0% after the three months

We currently sell 27 Android phones in our store. TWENTY SEVEN!!! More on the way, and some on the way out. Each manufacturer has 4-6 active phones at a time.
iPhone - has 2 in our store. 4S and the 4.
They have 30% with those 2 phones (okay - plus the older AT&T ones...)
What will happen when they go LTE? And you KNOW they will - they'd be STUPID not to!!!
And who the HELL is buying Windows Mobile anymore? Who's selling it??? I thought everything Windows is now Windows Phone???