New Life on iPad section of once again brings the experience fight

Apple has just launched a new section of their iPad site called Life on iPad featuring the video of the same name they originally debuted last month during the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini event. Perhaps the best example of "technology alone is not enough" marketing Apple has employed since 2011. From Apple:

We designed iPad to be the best tool for all the things you do. But we never imagined where you'd end up taking it. Here are just a few stories.

In addition to the video, Life on iPad includes: balancing work at new heights (wind farm), finding the extra edge (skating), modern making of a vintage (winery), gearing up for the win (endurance racing), leading moves on Broadway (musical), new eyes for hands-on surgery (medicine).

This is how Apple originally figured out how to sell the iPad, and it's great to see them returning to it. Thinner, lighter, faster are all good things, but the stories of how it touches, enhances, and improves lives is what matters. Specs exist only to support features. What a tablet can do is meaningless. What you can do with it is everything.

It's great to see Apple bringing the experience fight again.

Source: Apple, thanks @GHRobson

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Rene Ritchie

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New Life on iPad section of once again brings the experience fight


Such an awesome video. Shows how powerful and useful the iPad is.

Btw, there's an issue viewing videos on the imore app. Always says the video is currently unavailable. Works fine in safari and pulse though

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I find it interesting that iPad Air is no where to be found in this piece but that's really irrelevant to what Apple is focusing on. As you said, Rene, the stories and the experience are what matter here. There's no mention of the fact that Apple pulled off a tremendous engineering feat with the new iPad Air, no hyperbolic marketing speak. This video reminds me of the Designed by Apple in California campaign in that it really speaks to those of us who are already Apple fans. There's no effort to convince me that Apple's products are superior. The message is that Apple is focused on the relationship between the device and the user like no other company.

Think it is because, as these are real stories, not set ups, these people didn't have access to the new devices as they where not out. Know yes, Apple could have given them the new devices, but that would cause people to question the authenticity. In the video, I noticed people using iOS 6. So it's clear Apple are focusing on the people, like you said, rather as much on the product.

Please Apple do more of this in the future. This is really great and contrasts so well with Microsoft's bitter and negative advertising of late.

I really enjoy the videos of how Apple products affect peoples lives. They also had some good ones on how iPads are being used in education.

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This is the kind of advertising I'd like to see more. It focuses in how great and versatile a product is and not a futile attempt to make another product look bad. Simple but powerful. And I agree that it's great to see Apple bring the experience fight again because the experiences their devices bring is what makes Apple connect more with their audience and that's what makes them so special.

(I never even know that the iPad is capable of some of those things. Loved the underwater, hot air balloon and the air gliding scenes. Plus, the last scene is crazy awesome.)

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I agree with the sentiments regarding " the experience" expressed above. I like this video better than the iPad Air commercial or as I like to call it, "The Pencil." Hopefully Apple will use this video as a commercial as well. Thanks for this story.

Apple is certainly good at showing the best side of their products possible. I could've just purchased an iPad and videos like this make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, as if I would want to go out and buy another iPad.
Well done Apple. Well done.

(*I'm not having any issues with video via the iMore app. They play for me.)

Another dig of apple at post pc devices, and saying to others what it can do with cheap, more effective, simple, pleasant way of doing then the complex devices, setups. Well others are busy at mocking at Apple, their customer (line based adds of Sammy, pics based adds of Nokia, Ms), what it has to do :).
Proud to be an iPad (2nd generation) owner, a game changer product, revolutionising education, games, content, social, media, and many more industries.

So for me, I know the products are good when a) the video reminds me of things my family has actually experienced with the iPad and b) the video hints at things that I can picture my family doing with the iPad. While I'm a techie guy, my family members don't care about the GBs and the MPs or any other spec. They simply want to use the "tool" without feeling like they are using a tool. This video speaks to that in volumes.

What's the game the girl is playing with the camera app and appears to be sliding down a slide with the gyro?

So much emphasis placed on video and pics - makes you wonder why they stuck with inferior cameras for the new iPads. This is where specs meet features meets experiences of doing every day things.

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That's a really nice video. It's amazing how one product can have such a big influence on so many lives.

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