Apple snags 14% mobile market share in U.S., still behind Samsung and LG

A Samsung phone next to an iPhone

comScore released their first quarter 2012 U.S. mobile market share numbers recently, and though Apple has had a solid climb to 14% market share, LG was still ahead with 19.3% while Samsung claimed 26%. The gap in smartphone platform market share with Android is widening, as Google's mobile OS snagged 51%, and iOS sat at 30.7%. Outside of the U.S., IDC's latest research shows that Apple was in second place behind Samsung among smartphone vendors worldwide. comScore went on to examine mobile phone usage; 74.3% of mobile owners sent text messages between January and March, half of them downloaded apps, 49.3% used the browser, 36.1% used a social network or read a blog, 32.6% played games, and 25.3% listened to music. It boggles me that playing music (even on dumbphones) isn't more popular. I just don't get why you would bother managing an entirely separate device when one will do just as well.

Despite still being in third place, Apple is enjoying the most growth out of all of the mobile manufacturers in the U.S. having seen a 1.6 point change in growth since December's report. Even though Android is likely to maintain its lead in operating system share, I really doubt any single Android manufacturer will come close to beating out iPhone any time soon. Research like this also serves as a reminder that dumb phones are still a big part of the overall mobile market, and that Apple would do well to offer something entry level that consumers could get on a prepaid basis. That direction would really make the most out of any Walmart presence Apple establishes.

Source: comScore

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Apple snags 14% mobile market share in U.S., still behind Samsung and LG


Re: "I really doubt any single Android manufacturer will come close to beating out iPhone any time soon."
if so, it would be Samsung. At the expense of all other Android hardware manufacturers. Especially HTC, who appear to be winning the race to the bottom at the moment. (The bottom of the cliff, that is.)

Somewhat shortsighted and oblivious to what HTC is doing. It was only last year that HTC was still firing on all cylinders, and their success goes back many years. Just looking at how quickly that corrected course and put out the current darling(s) of the Android smartphone world shows that even with a small misstep, HTC is still a top contender. Judging a company like HTC that has been successful in this game for a long time on a few quarters of decreased earnings is naive at best.
You are right about Samsung though, the new king of the smartphone world. What's crazy is that Samsung has been killing it with a product line that's a year old. And with the new Galaxy SIII being announced tomorrow, they will have a good portion of the rest of the year to simply dominate.

no manufacture that makes an android device will ever get close to the sales of an iphone its a simple logic because if you want ios you must get the iphone where as if you want android you get to pick from htc,samsung,moto etc therefore its impossible for a single manufacturer of android to get sales of a single device(s) like apple sure if samsung were the only only manufacturer of android devices then they may have a chance.

Rene, do you think Apple and carriers should make the 3GS available for prepaid plans since the device it's now free? I actually played around with one last week while waiting at the Apple store, it's still a pretty solid phone.

The reason I don't have music on my phone is SPACE. I have a 32GB iPhone but I also buy a lot of apps and have pictures and documents on it. Music takes up too much space. I also have a VERY large song library so which to choose is often an issue as my mood changes. Since I usually listen to music in the car I have a quite full 120GB iPod Classic connected to my car that serves my music needs just fine! If one day we have >100GB phones I'll be happy to put some music on. Until then...

Where is Mikey and aremis now? The other day they couldn't handle someone selling more smartphones than apple.

Oh and the poor people comment armenis left really goes well with apple having a store in Walmart. Don't see any other manufacturer have a store in the store where lots of poor shop.

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