Apple Special Music Event -- Watch along with TiPb! [Sticky]

Apple will be streaming this year's special music event live (here's the link), and we'll be here to provide all the color and commentary you've grown to love... or to love to hate. So if you're watching, come watch with us. Party starts now!

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Special Music Event -- Watch along with TiPb! [Sticky]


@Spazbite33 UK time: Go to Clock on your iPod touch or iPhone, tap World Clock, enter San Francisco and London, and hey presto, you find it's at 6 PM your time.

does anyone else get the feeling that the proximity sensor is going to be overlooked again?

I'll have to watch it on my phone. Since it will only be broadcast viewable over an apple device. QuickTime X isn't available for windows systems yet. So it's Mac or nothing.

@Facetime - Apple recently let developers start testing game features like leaderboards so they're probably ready to roll soon

Pretty lame really. Not renting tv shows. Facebloat wannabe on itunes? Geez...
Glad 4.1 is fixing the bugs but have to wait for jailbreak first.

Ignoring the white iphone 4 (after all the delays) makes me want to dump my iphone 3g and buy an android and pick up one of the new ipod touchs.