Apple reportedly still pushing to launch iRadio at WWDC, Warner now said to be on board

iRadio rumors continue to gather steam, with the latest report suggesting Apple is still pushing to launch the service next week at WWDC. Talks with music companies are said to have been in something of a stalemate in recent weeks and months, but progress is being made according to the New York Times:

"After months of stalled negotiations over its planned Internet radio service, Apple is pushing to complete licensing deals with music companies so it can reveal the service as early as next week, according to people briefed on the talks."

Some kind of deal was reportedly already settled with Universal, but the Times goes on to claim that just this weekend Apple has closed a deal with Warner. If this pans out, that would leave Sony as the only -- yet still quite large -- hurdle to overcome ahead of announcing anything.

It's also mentioned that the service is expected to be free and ad-supported, which if true could go some way to explaining why someone like Google, with a paid service, managed to close their deals earlier. We're only a week out from WWDC, so we don't have long to wait to find out. Are you pulling for an iRadio service? Are you hoping to see this announced in San Francisco?

Source: New York Times

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Reader comments

Apple reportedly still pushing to launch iRadio at WWDC, Warner now said to be on board


Availability by countries is the killer there, as Apple has a more extended network through iTunes than its competitors. The integration with iTunes for purchasing items you're listening to can be a very successful feature.
That said, I've always preferred Von Karajan's recordings of the Ring to Solti's...

Will they allow access to iRadio on Android or Windows devices, or will iTunes be required to tune in?

IMO, that's the most important question...