Apple Store app for iPhone now notifies you when you're ready for upgrade pricing on a new iPhone

The Apple Store app for iPhone has been updated with a handy little feature that will notify you when you're eligible for upgrade pricing on a new iPhone. You can even buy your new iPhone directly with the app after receiving the notification since all you need is your Apple ID credentials to do so.

Also, the Apple Store will now help you keep track of your shipments and send you notifications about important updates, and when it has delivered.

Anyone waiting for upgrade eligibility before buying the iPhone 5? Are you excited about being notified when that day comes?

Leanna Lofte

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

NAMISH says:

Only available in the US store of course!

PassOutPete says:

Mines this coming June 16th!!!!!!!! .......unless I happen to win iMore's iPhone Giveaway contest!!!!!

SockRolid says:

Looking forward to that day in 2014 when I'm eligible for the iPhone 6 (or whatever the 2014 model will be called.) If I'm forced to wait the full duration, it will be mid-September 2014. Crossing my fingers that AT&T will allow us to upgrade a month or two earlier with no extra fee.

Tip: during the new iPhone pre-ordering period, always pre-order through the Apple Store app. Vastly faster than hitting Apple's iPhone page in a browser.

psiclne says:

Didn't work for account has a passcode.

Derrick4Real says:

"Not available for your account type." No idea what that means.

Waiting for iphone 6 though. Regarding purchasing from my phone. That's cool but interestingly when i bought my 4s is i tried to reserve one online at an Apple store, unsuccessfully, for a week then simply walked into a Sprint store and they had plenty in stock. I'll probably just walk into a store when the time comes.

Winski says:

AND, what happens when captive contracts get blowed up??

REAL short sighted on Apple’s part…. Geezzz…

ame says:

Im waiting for the 5S...