Apple Store iOS app reportedly being re-designed to offer free iTunes content

The Apple Store app for iOS is set to receive a revamp as soon as next week, with a slight interface change and for the first time, free iTunes content will be offered in this app. The update is reportedly in line with Tim Cook's plans to try and push more iPhone sales through Apple Retail, and is also set to be part of a new initiative in retail stores. From 9to5Mac:

Sources say that the new app update is also designed to go hand-in-hand with a new initiative in Apple Stores. When a new iOS Device is sold, Apple employees will be encouraged to install the new Apple Store app on the newly purchased device. According to comments from Tim Cook at last month's secretive summit for Retail Leadership, only 20% of Apple customers are aware of the Apple Store app's existence. This new plan will certainly increase that percentage.

The report is accompanied by a leaked image, which clearly displays promotional iTunes content being offered from the front page of the new look Apple Store app. The redesign will bring it more into line with Apple's content providing apps in iOS 6, and according to the same sources will land on July 23.

If the statistics are true, it's incredible that such a small percentage of Apple customers are even aware of the application. Pre-installing may help that, but it's success is dependant on iPhone sales in Apple Stores. Every body loves something free though, so once word is out, adoption of it could well take a upwards turn. The Apple Store application is actually a really great way of purchasing from Apple, and Easypay is just a dream when you're in a heaving store on a Saturday afternoon. We'll be keeping an eye out this coming Tuesday for the update, but what say you? Do you think this is a good idea on Apple's part? Would it push you to start using the Apple Store app more often?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Apple Store iOS app reportedly being re-designed to offer free iTunes content


I have and use the Apple Store app, but this could start a dangerous game here. Preinstalling apps most customers never bother to seek out because its preinstallation might benefit a separate business unit is the sort of behavior people rant at carriers about.

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Phones have to be set up first with your Apple ID before someone else (the salesguy) can install this app. That also means waiting until you've restored your iphone from icloud as well unless it's a new apple id. So it sounds a bit dumb.

And then when you consider this would only happen for a fraction of those few iphone sales in apple stores, then what's the point? Consider there are only like 250 apple stores vs the carrier stores, walmarts, even, etc.

Obviously the best way to accomplish their goal would be to include it with iOS. I see no problem with that. I'm surprised they don't include it already.

Bad move, this is one of the reasons why many people choose to buy the iPhone, no pre installed apps. Suggesting the app is one thing but pre installing this app is a bad idea. Just My Opinion.

It's not a pre installed app. What's the bad move? If you have an appointment in the Apple store it pops up and you can check in. You can also pay for items and head out without needing to see an apple Rep. for. Person like me that is a win win!

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No matter what it's not gonna get me to buy something that i didn't buy. I'm not an impulse shopper. If i want something. I tend to seek it out. So if the goal is to extract more of my money, it won't matter. I'm not even sure i fully understand the concept. That they'll offer free itunes stuff in the apple app store and then they expect i'll buy something from the app store because of that? That doesn't seem logical to me. I have the apple app store app on my phone but i only think about it in the context of buying something from apple and the last apple product i bought was the actual phone the app is on so. But I keep the app in a folder full of other shopping apps i rarely use. Since i have it already preinstalling it isn't a big deal. And hey i like free stuff.

Hope its not like that Newstand app. Besides, I hate pre-installed apps. They take up valuable real estate if you can't delete them.