Apple Store for iPhone receives a criptic update

The Apple Store app for iPhone received an update today with the following release notes:

Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Holy cryptic release notes Batman! My guess is that the update is actually in preparation for the pending release of the iPhone 5. What do you think?

[App Store link, thanks Jonathan!]

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Reader comments

Apple Store for iPhone receives a criptic update


I thought the exact thing. I'm hoping Apple has invented the technology to let me perform a hardware upgrade to the iPhone 5 via a software update ;)

I'm hoping this update would offer a trade in where after purchasing the iPhone 5 my iPhone 4 will magically upgrade to 5! Woohoo!

CRYPTIC? This is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket. People who write for a living can't spell.

This is the the first time the Apple Store App has been released in the Australian App store to my knowledge. My guess is this is just a rerelease of the App for all markets.

This update added support for international iTunes Stores I think. I'm in Australia and I can now download (and use) the Apple Store app whereas before, I wasn't able to.