Apple Stores changing graphics to show people using products

apple store new graphics

Apple is making some changes inside its retail stores in terms of the large wall images that display its products like the iPhone 5s and iPad.

While previous wall graphics inside Apple Stores showed the company's devices with lots of white space and not much else, the new photos are darker but with more of a variety of colors, with the iPhone and iPad being used by their owners. The change in graphics corresponds to Apple's latest television commercials, such as "Parenthood", which also attempt to give consumers a more personal look at how its devices are used by everyday folks.

The new store photos were also put in place less than two months after Angela Ahrendts took over as senior vice president of Apple's retail and online stores. It would appear that Apple and Ahrendts are trying a softer approach towards selling iPhones and iPads. What do you think of these changes in the Apple Store wall graphics?

Source: ifo Apple Store

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Reader comments

Apple Stores changing graphics to show people using products


I'm at a loss as to why this is such a big story around the web this morning. This was done a couple of weeks ago at my Apple store.

I can only assume that it was done outside of the USA first and that Americans are only just now seeing it.

An equally likely scenario is that it simply ISN'T a big story and nobody thought to make it one until today. The fact that it is on several sites is simply the echo chamber in full effect.

The nearest Apple store to me is about an hour away so I do t go there often. This lets me see some of the changes that are planed for Apple stores. The older scheme of products wasn't really necessary since the actual products are right there for you to use. This a nice change. Earth shattering news no but still nice. Thanks for writing it.

Chiat Day still coining it I imagine from apple coffers, by proffering forth the culturally oblivious and insensitive slathering, of one size fits all international american multiculti lifestyle imagery ?

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