Apple Stores commence in-store screen replacements for iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S screen

Apple Stores will now be able to fix the broken screen on your iPhone 5s without having to send the device out to an off-site location. The service is being rolled out to Apple Stores across the US, although at this stage there is no confirmation as to whether all locations would be able to service broken screens.

The in-store screen replacement service would set users back in the vicinity of $149, based on whether they have AppleCare+. The number is much less than the $269 Apple currently quotes to send the device to a service center. To fix iPhone 5S broken screens on-site, Apple is said to be using the same machine that handles installation and calibration of iPhone 5 and 5C displays.

Did you ever have to send out your iPhone for screen damage? How long did the process take?

Source: AppleInsider

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Reader comments

Apple Stores commence in-store screen replacements for iPhone 5s


Wow so they are finally offering a service that any 14-year old can do in 15 minutes with a $30 kit from eBay and is only charging 5x as much instead of 9x as much? Wow, go Apple.

Yes because Apple's margins are already so slim, ROFL. Apple is in a unique position to actually provide excellent service at reasonable prices, more than any other company in America. But they don't, they keep living on the addict mentality of some of the users and taking advantage of those that don't know about DIY or about the iPhone repair businesses that are sprouting up everywhere. Entire businesses are starting up in real store fronts that charge 50-75% less than Apple does for the same parts and same services and can do it while you stand there. Apple up until now (and still only in select locations it seems) wants several times as much to send it away. Obviously, they are starting to catch on - but not fast enough, and still are charging an outrageous amount.

"The in-store screen replacement service would set users back in the vicinity of $149, based on whether they have AppleCare+"

Wait, what?? Am I missing something here?? I thought the price to replace up to 2 iPhones on AppleCare+ was $49-$79. If it is now $149 then AppleCare is now not an essential to me.

Not sure the exact amount but the per incident fee did increase when the 5S was released. I skipped AppleCare+ on the 5S.

Apple care still covers other hardware and software issues so there's still ton of value in the program. $79 to swap screens is better than $149, and then you include water damage. Yeah, this doesn't change much at all as far as AppleCare+ goes, just seems to help those customers who DONT have the program.

Yeah, or you could skip AppleCare and go with SquareTrade which is a much better deal - plus I feel better about giving the money to a third party instead of the company that should be standing behind it's products to begin with and not charging a huge fee to get decent service.

What the hell is square trade? Never heard of that.

Apple does stand behind their products-for a year-like most a manufacturer warranties do. Why would I want to give money to a third party company that has nothing to do with the product I bought? I would much rather be in the hands of a trusted source that knows exactly what they're doing.

With SquareTrade you can still have Apple fix it, you just don't pay their ridiculous prices. If you aren't a savvy enough consumer to know about it, I suggest you Goggle it and check it out.

99 for two years of coverage? It's the exact same as Apple Care it's just they're making money off it if you don't use it, while having to go through their services and not directly through Apple. No thanks. Waste of money and more importantly time!

To each their own, you can still go through Apple to get the service done, as I said - they offer many ways to get your service, you can simply go to the website and take care of it. Square Trade regularly has 30-40% coupons that bring that price down considerably. They also offer a 3-year plan for only $30 more, which Apple does not offer (of course they don't, then you won't be on the constant upgrade cycle they want you to be on). And also unlike Apple, you don't have to pay the huge fee on TOP of the "Care" you already paid for. Their max deductible is $75.

Keep feeding your money into Apple's pockets (who is still making money off of it if you don't use it) and into their ever growing bank account - that's totally your call. But there are alternatives that offer much better value for your money.

Yeah what Adam and BigEXX said. As a small time repair guy I was just emailed these prices: iPhone 5S screen is $27.80
iPhone 5C screen is $27.80
iPhone 5 screen is $25.60

I'm buying 2-5 a month. Apple's prices for repairs of their own phones is a disgrace.

They are probably more pricey because they are genuine Apple iPhone screens. I have gotten my screen replaced a few times at repair places, and you can tell for sure that the screens are a lower quality than the original screen on the phone.

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That's such nonsense. The screens available are exactly the same resolution and come from the same factories that provide them to Apple. They are more "pricey" because Apple makes huge profits off of people not knowing any better and their veneer of being so quality/service oriented - which is a farce of the highest proportions. They do the same with batteries - I spent $10 buying an identical OEM battery off of ebay this year for a phone they wanted $99 and had to send it out for a week for. I did it in two minutes off of the Internet instructions and I'd never done it before. It's highway robbery. Let me guess, next someone will tell us they use "special" memory which is why you have to pay $100 for a paltry 16gb of storage (which anyone can buy an SD card at Walmart of the same me amount for 1/10 the price? It's all Apple taking advantage of folks who don't know any better, and then making you think it's OK because of the "quality". If it was all about quality, they would give you a three year minimum warranty on iPhones - but of course, they are designed to be obsolete before then anyway.

I've gone the $30 and deeply regret it, so I call shenanigans - there is a difference between genuine parts and crappy knockoffs.

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Sure, if you fell for the crappy knockoffs. You can get OEM stuff for the same price you just have to be more selective than to buy the first, cheapest thing that shows up in a search.

The Apple store in Albany, NY replaced my 5S screen in store last summer. It took them about 90 minutes and it was expensive ($150-ish), but done while I waited.