Apple Stores reportedly preparing major iPhone upgrade promotion

Apple Stores reportedly preparing major iPhone upgrade promotion

Apple could be preparing for a major iPhone upgrade promotion event at Apple Stores starting as soon as May 8. Mark Gurman, reporting for 9to5Mac:

Apple will be contacting upgrade-elgible iPhone users with older iPhone models via email to come into their local Apple Store to update to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.

This new upgrade initiative is said to fall in line with Tim Cook's ongoing plans to boost iPhone sales at Apple Retail Stores, something already underway through trade-in programs, App Store app updates, iBeacon integration, and more.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are both top-notch products. It'll be interesting to see, however, what Apple offers to get people to upgrade now and not wait until the presumed iPhone 6 launch in September. Not everyone cares about the latest and the greatest, as iPhone 4s sales proved last quarter, just getting a soild phone at a great price.

If you receive an upgrade offer letter from Apple, let me know! And let me know if you take them up on it!

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Apple Stores reportedly preparing major iPhone upgrade promotion


Anyone upgrading to an IPhone 5S or 5C barely 6 months before the IPhone 6 coming out in October or earlier would be crazy. I wouldn't upgrade to a 5S at this point even if the phone were free. My plan with AT&T allows me to upgrade every year but I held off upgrading from my current 5 to the 5S because I just didn't see the point. Slightly better camera and fingerprint scanner weren't enticing enough for me. I will also not be upgrading to the 4.7 inch IPhone 6. My plan is to upgrade to the 5.5 inch IPhone phablet that is rumored to be coming out a few months after the 4.7 inch IPhone 6 is released. My biggest complaint about the IPhone was always the screen size and a 5.5 inch IPhone screen should resolve that. Love the IPhone and love the Apple ecosystem but damn didn't they take their time coming out with a larger IPhone? Tried Samsung and Nokia and have always returned those phones and come back to Apple. This IPhone 6 better be good.

God I hope there's a smaller than 4.6" or I'll hold on to my 5s till it dies, then switch to a crap ass small phone and use my iPad mini when I need to get work done!!!

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Same here. I just upgraded from a 5 to a 5S a month ago. Why? I'm simply not interested in a larger phone. Period. As I see it, the 4" size will disappear sooner than later, so I wanted to get the best 4" iPhone available, and I've found that it is a significant upgrade from the 5. It only cost me $79 for a 32GB model after trade in, coupons, etc. so I'm quite happy, to say the least!

It's only "crazy" if you are interested in the gigantic iPhone 6. Many folks are simply not interested in a bigger phone.

If Apple does this year what it has done previously, there will be no 4" iPhones this year that are not encased in plastic ("c" models). This will possibly be the last chance to get a hold of the 5s or the 5.

"We'll give you $100 max for your phone that can be resold for $400+! It's a great deal we swear!"
- any trade-in program

Posted from my TARDIS!

Yeah, Best Buy's trade-in program says they'll pay me $100 for my pristine condition, unlocked 64GB iPhone 4S.


Not really that much upgrade since im using iphone 5. Maybe i should wait for the iphone 6.

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the timing is ridiculous but it is important that apple get people involved in the trade in program and tie people into apple products and their ecosystem - forget about trying to launch cheap versions of the iPhone and sacrificing the ecosystem e.g. 8gb iPhone 5c priced at £400!!! just waiting now for apple to extend this to other apple products

I just upgraded from 4s to 5s two weeks ago. My 4s had an unfortunate encounter with my riding lawn mower. Outer metal band distorted, screen broke with about 25% of it missing. Siri was still able to make phone calls though. I was holding out for the 6 until this happened. Even though I have large hands, I just don't get this trend for ever increasing the screen size.

And if the deal is sweet...say $0 for a 5S. then in a year I can wait for the next deal for 0$ for a 6 or what not.
I may behind 6 months in tech but have a few hundred $ in my pocket.

Except, knowing Apple it will be $199 to upgrade your phone. Which would be acceptable without a contract, but they will probably make you re-up as well.

Every phone owner has a different need, and that is why there are so many phones on the market. For some, waiting for the iPhone 6 makes sense, but if you need/want a phone sooner than that, then it is not dumb, or stupid, to upgrade now. I do agree, though, that Apple had better offer a major incentive to upgrade. I would consider nothing less than 100.00 off the cost of each model and, even then, would have to weigh my options. An iTunes gift card will not cut it.

In the future I just see a fragmented iPhone marketplace:

a) Folks still rocking the iPhone 4/4S
b) Folks still rocking the iPhone 5
c) Folks that upgraded to the iPhone 5C/5S
d) Folks that just recently purchased any of the above

The iPhone 6 will surely do well in the open market. There has been growing desire for a larger screened iPhone and the 6 will allegedly fill that void. Beyond that, who knows what innovation in utility and design it will usher in.

I wasn't into Apple when the iPhone 5 came out. I don't know how people handled the larger screen size and need for new / updated accessories coming from the 4/4S. I imagine there are going to be folks that quickly hit up eBay, Craigslist and Swappa to sell off their phones and upgrade to a new 6. I also imagine that there will be people that migrate from the Apple ecosystem because they don't agree with the charges in part or in full.

I hate my iPhone wile at the same time I love it. I love that it works but I also hate that it works. Why don't other phones work this well? Is it really that hard? I hate Apple Mail. I hate Apple defaults. I love them just as much. If they didn't work I'd be convinced I was using an Android phone. The big benefit I get from using the iPhone is Apple - the ecosystem, the support and above all else the reliability. The biggest drawback that I see with the current iPhone is the screen's size, but the device is accessible. I can easily rattle off a few texts, surf the web, take a photo, listen to music and play a game. At the end of the day I have respectable battery life.

I would encourage people, if they want an Apple device, to upgrade now. If they need a larger screen - eyesight, larger hands, etc - then I would suggest waiting or buying an iPhone off contract.

There's one thing I will guarantee, whatever the Apple offer will be to upgrade before the iPhone 6 comes out, it will be nowhere near what people are hoping it will be.

Anyone who thinks 4.7 or 5 inch screen devices are too big or that people don't want that are strait up ignorant. Also you can't hold a bigger device the same way you would hold an iphone 5 or 4s wrapping your entire hand around the device you simply shift your fingers to the middle backing of the device and prop up the bottom with your pinky. I have small hands and I can use my wife's note 3 one handed with this kind of grip.

I see more Galaxy Note 3 devices almost more than iphones lately and guess what? Most of them are women just like most money use iphones. Size doesn't bother most women because most women use purses.

Call me old fashioned but I just want one thing: a battery that truly lasts all day, without needing extra cases etc. surely that can't be too much to ask? Oh, and stop making it so bloody thin. :)

I would for the right price, i have a perfect iphone 5 64gb and will never own anything bigger than this, i feel this is too big sometimes, so i would do it!

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