Apple Stores will help you save some dough during US state tax holidays

Apple Store state tax holidays could save you big bucks

Both the brick-and-mortar Apple Retail Stores and Apple Online Store will be participating in various state tax holidays around the United States. The holidays, designed to spur sales while giving shoppers a bit of relief, are typically scheduled are the beginning of August, and lop off the state sales tax that is added to purchases (local county and city taxes still apply, though).

The states in which Apple will be participating in the state sales tax holidays follow:

  • Alabama: August 1-3, no more than $750
  • Florida: August 1-3, no more than $750
  • Georgia: August 1-2, no more than $1000
  • Louisiana: August 1-2, no more than $2500
  • Massachusetts: Dates not yet set by the state legislature, no more than $2500
  • Missouri: August 1-3, computers and accessories up to $3500, software up to $350
  • New Mexico: August 1-3, Computers up to $1000, accessories up to $500
  • South Carolina: August 1-3, no limit
  • Tennessee: August 1-3, up to $1500

The tax relief will be available at both Apple's physical and online stores, though Apple notes that the online store will display the full sales tax during the checkout process and you'll not see the corrected amount until you get your emailed order confirmation.

Anybody planning on jumping on the tax holiday bandwagon with a new Apple purchase?

Source: Apple Store; Via: AppleInsider

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Apple Stores will help you save some dough during US state tax holidays


Participating? I'm definitely nitpicking here, but that choice of word makes it sound like it's goodwill on Apple's part. Pretty sure they have no choice in the matter.