Do You Want Apple to Stream Movies to Your iPhone, iPad From iTunes Cloud?


According to CNET on Gizmodo, Apple is once again rumored to be considering a streaming, cloud-based ( movie service.

Apple has told the studios that under the plan, iTunes users will access video from various Internet-connected devices. Apple would of course prefer that users access video from the iPad, the company's upcoming tablet computer, the sources said. Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said Apple doesn't comment on rumors or speculation.

Combine this with streaming music, and CNET's sources claim Apple wants to eliminate the need for local storage (hard drives, but also the far smaller, more expensive NAND Flash drives on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad).

Studios haven't signed on yet, however, since they're worried they'll be locked into Apple's proprietary system. (Is that supposed to be funny, seeing how iTunes Music is now DRM-free and can play on anything, while Hollywood still insists on DRM and that's what makes iTunes locked in?)

The CECE consortium, Disney's KeyChest, and Google are all listed as competitors, but Apple's iPad might give them the edge if it takes off with consumers -- especially if it offers apps from "rivals" like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

In fact, that might just make Apple the best of all worlds. Now that would be funny, wouldn't it Hollywood?

The important thing, however, is consumers. In the wake of Sidekick outages, Playstation Network outages, RIM BlackBerry outages -- and of course MobileMe -- do we want to

Rene Ritchie

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There are 29 comments. Add yours.

Lady Kaede says:

In a word, no. Not until there's universal public wi-fi or commercial networks are twice as fast and reliable and lower cost.

PJ73 says:

@ lady
I agree with you110%

JNM says:

Seems nice but I am not really liking the idea of using Apple products anymore.

dloveprod says:

A rented movie sure not one I bought unless it's 1/4 the price

a1by says:

I think when they refer to lock in, they probably mean they don't want Apple and their devices to be the only distributor. For all the ways people love to decry ISPs as dumb pipes what the hell is Apple, they are a middleman to content, and they should get cut from the picture as well (if you ascribe to the notion that middlemen are worthless)

OmariJames says:

If it streams at YouTube quality , they can stop right there.

websyndicate says:

You can with Orb. Stream all your media from your personal server.

push says:

Is that supposed to be funny
just like:

Tablet PC games says:

I think I heard enough about it and it's a useless idea and Apple is going towards fall. As if Apple will continue with this idea than I don't think Apple can continue with the fame and name it has.

Dennis says:

This doesn't sound like it would be a whole lot different from the movie rental service for the Xbox or Vudu.

Paul Penny says:

As far as the iPad is concerned the key requirement for me is to be able to stream from my iTunes library over my home network and preferably over any wifi or 3g network.

Bill says:

Wow! You think AT&T has data problems now..... Via WiFi yes, over 3G no.

Ben Gillam says:

until the data caps are sorted out no, orange and voda have a 750mb cap or something stupid iirc. o2 is supposed to be unlimited and there is no fair usage number in writing ive ever seen, but surethere is one

derrythe says:

I think that it would be okay as an option, but most people are going to want to watch their own media on their terms. If I buy a video, I want to play it on anything that is compatible, any time, anywhere. I don't want to have to worry about data usage, network availability, or whether their network is up at the moment.

brownat89 says:

If they allow you to upload your entire iTunes library up onto the this alleged, as long as I still have a hard drive on my phone, this would be nice because let's face it, even with the 32gig iPhone 3GS, who can fit their entire library on their iPhone?

James says:

Who the heck is that guy on the TV screen?? I've never seen him on The Office before!

ipod repair says:

will it be same like movie rental .

Dennis says:

I assume that HD movie downloads over 3G won't happen. The technology simply can't support it. The market for at-home ethernet and wifi HD movie streaming and downloading is still barely getting started -- we're years away from cellular network HD movies.

Scoot says:

Ideally the file would be available for download to a hard storage media AND available for streaming on any device that the user logs into their account with, or at the very least, a certain number of 'authorized devices'. When you deny the user a "hard copy" (data or physical) of the product they just bought, what do they really own when they buy the right to stream a file? Nothing. That is why it's necessary to still supply users with the option of downloading a file instead of streaming it.
Plus of course I'm sure all of us would want to access our music and movies even if we didn't have an internet connection available.

Pink says:

I listen to all my music from a cloud - I vote yes!

Carlos A. says:

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Eugenie Bednarek says:

I am as well terribly big movie fan,fantastic posting.

Andrea.Richardson says:

While this seems awesome, it would beg the question as to what would happen with music and other media that I add to my iTunes via a burned CD or ripped video (I love to copy videos from YouTube and watch them on my iPhone)? Also, I sometimes buy music from Amazon; would these tracks play on my cloud-based iTunes as well? If Apple can address these limitations, then I would be all for moving my media into the cloud. However, I would also want a way to back up all my music on a hard drive and upload music/movies/etc to the cloud for remote storage. Furthermore, having adequate memory on my iPhone would still be important because I would want a way to access some media whenever I don't have service or a WiFi connection (i.e., on the Metro, in flight, etc).

Joe says:

Eager to buy a new iPad, it looks great!

Stream says:

Vraiment bien cet article, merci !

cul says:

Who the heck is that guy on the TV screen?? I’ve never seen him on The Office before!