Apple strikes second win against Samsung 3G lawsuit

Apple has successfully defended the second UMTS (3G) patent infringement claim from Samsung in Germany today, though the battle's far from over. The first complaint from Samsung was dismissed last week, and Apple promptly fired back at Samsung with a slide-to-unlock infringement claim. The Galaxy Nexus isn't one of the phones in Apple's countersuit, though there are still plenty more Android devices Apple's complaint does include. Even if Apple manages to chew through the other 3G-related complaints, Samsung has another two lawsuits lined up related to smiley emoticons.

Apple and Samsung haven't only been duking it out in the courtrooms, either. Samsung has been running a tongue-in-cheek set of ads that depict desperate, near-sighted Apple fanboys being faced with the grim reality that the Galaxy S II is plainly a better phone. Yeeeeeah, because we've all seen how Android's voice-to-action implementations are way better than Siri.

While Apple is duking it out in Germany, Dutch courts have sided with Samsung in Apple's design patent infringement claims against the Galaxy Tab 10.1. Patent squabbles are a natural part of the high-tech game, but Samsung and Apple in particular seem to really be going blow-for-blow against one another - although I'm sure Apple would be equally willing to attack any manufacturer siding with Android. Steve Jobs, as you might recall, had an intense loathing for the Android platform, and that mission will likely live on in Apple.

It sure would be nice if we could all just get along, if only to avoid having to figure out who's suing who for what and where.


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Apple strikes second win against Samsung 3G lawsuit


It used to be about what was right, now it seems it's all about the attorneys making money. Both sides llegal teams are making a bundle on this, it just makes both companies look bad in the long run. Try to find a family attorney out there that does wills, trust funds, and so on. It seems like all they do now is patents, personal injury, and drug companies.