Apple tells developers they can generate more revenue with iAd, now serving rich media to iPad

Apple tells developers they can generate more revenue with iAd, now serving rich media to iPad

Apple has sent out a new email to developers to promote their still struggling iAd platform, and advise about revenue generation possibilities and new rich media ads for iPad.

iAd provides a significant source of additional revenue for iOS developers. Many developers with apps just like yours are already making thousands of dollars per week serving iAd rich media ads. And users have been delighted by the range of ads from major brands that offer an interactive experience while keeping them in your app.

iAd Rich Media Ads. Now Being Served to iPad.

iAd rich media ads are now being served to iPad apps on the U.S. App Store, redefining mobile advertising with rich, immersive ads that take advantage of the 9.7 inch LED-backlit display. Make the most of this growing opportunity now. Learn how you can join the iAd mobile advertising network and generate more revenue with iAd.

Apple bought iAd (formerly Quattro Wireless) in 2010 after Google sniped AdMob from them. Since then they've slashed rates down from a million dollar, ultra-premium buy-in first to $500,000 and now $100,000, and increased developer pay outs from 60% to 70%.

Originally explained as a way for developers to monetize free apps, iAd still faces tough competition from Google's AdMob and other players. Fremium models backed by in-app-purchase could also be a more popular way for developers to monetize apps.

Apple has been fairly quiet it about it lately as well, so it will be interesting to see if iAd gets any time, or significant attention, at WWDC 2012.

If you're a developer using iAd, let us know how it's working for you in our iOS Developer Forum.

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Reader comments

Apple tells developers they can generate more revenue with iAd, now serving rich media to iPad


Apple is preaching to the wrong audience; the developers have never been the problem with iAd. Developer tools and evangelism are nice, but at the end of the day devs will do what is best for the people paying the freight, and, in this case, that is the advertisers. iAd has two issues for advertisers. The small-but-solvable problem is the inconvenience of setting up campaigns across multiple channels. The large problem is the demographics.
Apple reserves to itself a large amount of control over the information that can be gleaned from ad campaigns. Whether you believes this is a naked power grab or simply Apple guarding the privacy of iDevice customers is irrelevant; advertisers want this information. It also matters little if an iAd offers a better experience than a brand X ad if the advertiser believes she/she lacks control over all the information to verify the ad's effectiveness and plan future campaigns.
Apple has had to drop their price to 10% of their original buy-in because advertisers are skittish about committing to something where they give up that control to a middleman. You can argue that Apple's middelman presence here is beneficial enough that the advertisers should not need such control to be effective, but the advertisers themselves are going to be skeptical of such a claim. That is the argument Apple needs to make - and to advertisers, not developers. All the developer niceties in the world are not going to bolster iAd as long as the advertisers paying the bills remain unconvinced of that fundamental concept.

I was just saying to myself the other day, "Self", I said,"I need a convenient way to view more high quality, rich media ads right inside my favorite apps." And here as a service that Apple has had all along that developers are simply not using. Shame on you developers. Add me to the list of those who want to see more interactive advertisements from major brands right in my apps.

Apple forgets where the money comes from with iAds... it's the advertisers! Apples problems is it wants all the money, and none of the hassle, as such it wants huge advertisers.
Well I have been an active Google advertiser for a long time, but I am a LOCAL advertiser, that means I only advertise in my immediate area. (aka. people who will come to my store) And as a local advertiser I don't spent a a lot, so the $100,000 minimum, well that comes out to my full web advertising budget for the next 28 YEARS!
Sure I'm small potatoes when compared to the likes of Nike, Sony, or Under Armor. But there are only so many of those size companies, when there are hundreds of thousands of small guys like us.