Apple tipped to update MacBook Air tomorrow with fresh new Haswell processors

Apple MacBook Air

It's been a while since we've seen a substantial refresh of the MacBook Air, and while there's one pegged to land tomorrow, it won't be a substantial one either. Instead we're looking at a slight update, with Apple swapping out the last-generation Intel Haswell processors for the current-generation Intel Haswell processors. Yes, it's a mammoth update.

According to 9to5Mac, the update brings the SKU for the Air up from MD760LL/A to MD760LL/B. Typically the /X updates are relatively minor spec bumps. In this case, it's a slightly faster set of processors, and possibly a rejiggering of the storage options.

Update: 9to5Mac now has the specs for the CPU bumps posted.

The updated MacBook Airs are reported to be arriving in Apple Stores tomorrow. Is anybody going to rush out and buy one, or are you more interested in the inevitable overhaul that will bring along a high-density Retina display like its bigger brother the MacBook Pro.

Source: 9to5Mac

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Apple tipped to update MacBook Air tomorrow with fresh new Haswell processors


Patiently twiddling my thumbs, as well, for the Haswell MacMini… *BIG SIGH*

(Oh, Apple… I have cash right here just begging to leave my hands and into your coffers ASAP.)

Any update to the Air that doesn't include a Retina display will not be a motivation to replace a Retina MBP. Most of my users have chosen Retina over weight and opted for MBPs.

I want to see affordable storage options. I carry a lot of data on my MBP (1.2 GB). I can't throw it up in the cloud since I'm often without an internet connection. A 500GB flash drive simply isn't enough and having to keep an external drive connected sort of defeats the purpose of having a small form factor device

Retina on a MBA? Then what would be the difference between a 13" MBA and 13" Pro? An extra TB or USB port for a grand more? No, Apple will keep the Air display as is to differentiate the two lines.

The price difference between a 13" MacBook Air and 13" MacBook Pro is only a couple hundred dollars currently, so if the Air gained a retina display, there would be only about a $100 difference and the Air would have just a slower i5 processor and be short basically an HDMI port and one less USB, no big deal.

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