Apple TV 2: Rentals, HD Quality - FREE software upgrade and Price drop!

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Jobs notes how everybody has tried and failed to get movies off the internet onto a widescreen TV. He admits that Apple TV was a miss as well, that people really want Movies, not an accessory for your computer.

"Apple TV Take 2: No Computer Required."

  • You can rent movies directly on Apple TV.
  • Movies will be available in DVD and HD quality!
  • Audio and Video podcasts
  • Grab photos from Flickr and .Mac
  • An entirely new user interface

The HD movies are a dollar more to rent.

The new interface on Apple TV is really slick - the shopping experience of looking for movies, music, and TV shows on your television seems very intuitive and fun. You can also browse and download any podcast in the iTunes podcast directory. Browsing photos is easy too - despite the fact that Flickr refused to serve up photos for Steve. ;)

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It's a free software upgrade! .....AND they're droped the price to $229. It will all be available in 2 weeks.

Jm Gianopulos, Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox, has announced that going forward, their DVDs will come with a "digital copy" that you can use in iTunes or on your iPhone.

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Apple TV 2: Rentals, HD Quality - FREE software upgrade and Price drop!

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I will, of course, point out that Canadian movie rentals are "pending". (But hey, we just got TV shows -- only fringe Canadian shows, mind you -- and still no legit iPhone...)
Hopefully we'll get the rentals before Holographic 4K becomes the standard...