UPDATED: Apple TV (2010) bug lets you watch iTunes rentals for 30 days?

Rent a movie from iTunes on Windows or Mac and stream it to your new Apple TV (2010) and it never starts Hollywood's 24h-48h countdown, which means you have 30 days to enjoy them as much as you want. Here's the steps as MacRumors outlines them:

We've successfully tested this procedure on latest iTunes (thanks to forum user TheBritishBloke), and it works (at least in the short term as the new Apple TV hasn't been out for 30 days):

  • Rent a show/movie on your Mac's iTunes
  • When you begin watching the rental on the Apple TV, no warnings appear indicating that you must finish watching the movie within 24/48 hours
  • The iTunes rental counter should still show 29+ days remaining
  • Note: if you do try to watch the movie through iTunes, it will kick off the 24/48 hour countdown

No doubt Apple will patch this either on the Apple TV iOS firmware, or iTunes desktop side -- or both -- so get your value out of them while you can.

For more, see our complete Apple TV (2010) review.

UPDATE: Ugh, or maybe not. iLounge claims the 24/48 window is triggered all stealthy like and MacRumors is continuing their investigation. We edging the bleed here folks!


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UPDATED: Apple TV (2010) bug lets you watch iTunes rentals for 30 days?


Somewhere within the Apple site if I recall correctly Apple has mentioned that you have 30 days to start watching but once you start you have 24 hours left (or 48 as the case might be).