Apple TV adds new channels, including ABC News

Apple TV owners have a few new channels to enjoy today, including ABC News, AOL On, Willow, PBS Kids, and an updated Flickr channel with a detailed Explore view.

ABC is offering up to four live streams at once, historical content, local and international news, and themed round-ups without requiring a subscription. Meanwhile Willow brings a whole slew of cricket coverage to the table, AOL On has a wide variety of video from various partners, and PBS Kids has a ton of great shows for the young'uns.

The last big content update for the Apple TV added in History Channel, A&E, and Lifetime, not to mention the built-in AirPlay function, which lets you beam your iPhone or iPad's display out to the big screen.

It's always great to see new channels, in any case. Do you ever watch ABC News? Do any of the other new channels strike your fancy? What do you watch most regularly on your Apple TV?

Source: 9to5 Mac

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Reader comments

Apple TV adds new channels, including ABC News


You were able to watch abc news already on the abc channel on the Atv. Wonder if this will smooth out the streaming process

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still waiting for in app purchases to be able to watch a channel without a subscription...(DO YOU HEAR ME ESPN?)..also with all the channels they need to come up with a way to be able to quickly have a "guide" to know what you can watch live now or search content available in each app.

You're probably gonna have to wait a while. The one thing in the TV business that still works is live sports. It brings live viewers is live sports, see NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, World Cup games. And that means It's still much more profitable to sell tv ads on those games. Unlike, late night which people watch in youtube clips now or network nightime tv which only mid-america watches and often on dvr, skipping ads. Even so they watch a lot less of that than they did before and now watch more cable channels and specific shows. But i digress.

The other thing is leagues like the NFL are utterly dependent on TV money not attendance for their profits so they have zero incentive to destroy a system where tv networks pay billions to put their leagues on tv. An internet add money doesn't yet hold a candle to what they can sell on tv and that's a big problem with the streaming only option. Bottom line in TV the last company that needs to offer such an option is ESPN because unlike the other networks they are doing extremely well under this system because sports is kinda the one must see tv program that's on basic cable.

What you really should be fighting for is ala Carte cable because it's much much more likely than the NFL or any TV network killing the goose that laid the golden egg. That way you get you espn, or sports channels at a much cheaper rate and lose all the channels you don't care about shrinking your bill massively. Personally i think that will come when the shit really hits the fan in the business before an internet only model. Mostly i'm thinking you'll see people continue to flee cable subscriptions and the networks/cable carriers will be forced to agree to not bundle a ton of channels you don't want.

By the way i'm a recent cable cutter, to save money, and a long time soccer (MLS & EPL) and (NFL) fan. I can say it's brutal during the world cup. I've watched every game in spanish.

Never going to happen. The lucrative deal Disney has with both cable and satellite companies is by far more valuable than selling an individual subscription to ESPN.

The ABC App hasn't worked for me since it was installed on the ATV. Not sure why but when I called ABC they said theirs didn't work either.

All the Disney Apps work fine though... I will have to look into it further.

During baseball season I watch the majority of the time too. I watch a lot of NHL games on GameCenter during the hockey season. Netflix is my favorite entertainment channel.

Meanwhile in the rest of the world....nothing. The lack of apps for UK ATV owners is absurd and illogical.

I'm guessing the uk & the rest of the world got left out again? #2ndbest

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Sadly we don't get ABC News in the UK Apple TV but Bloomberg is good!
And loving the new Flickr app/channel! It was about time! But well done, finally.