Apple TV adds PBS, Yahoo! Screen to channel lineup

Apple TV adds PBS, Yahoo! Screens to channel lineup

Two new channels have been added to the Apple TV's lineup, PBS and Yahoo! Screen. Screen gives you access to episodes, clips, and digital exclusives from outlets like SNL, Comedy Central, ABC News, and more. You can browse either by category or channel in Screen, or use the search function to find what you're looking for.

PBS requires you to connect your Apple TV with your PBS account, Facebook, or Google+ in order to get the most out of the channel. You can view PBS featured content, or view individual programs, with many available based on your location. You can also view the full list of available programs alphabetically.

These channels should automatically appear on your Apple TV without the need for another software update.

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Reader comments

Apple TV adds PBS, Yahoo! Screen to channel lineup


Thus far, there doesn't seem to be anyway to watch any of the PBSkids shows.

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None of the TV show PBS kids work that seems to have only previews 30 second who wants a previews of Super Why sesame street etc ? where are the shows for the Kids to Watch?

I haven't checked out my Apple TV to see if they are on there, but with me being abroad in Europe I wonder if those Apps would work here? I know the ESPN app is blocked for my location even though I have my Verizon Fios account connected to it. (I have to change my router settings to get it to work... Shhh don't tell anyone, I don't want them to find out)

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Couldn't agree more, this is really missing. Although I do appreciate the Airplay they added to the iphone/ipad apps.

This is welcome news, and It's great that they are constantly adding more content.

But, it's well past time for a UI overhaul. It's too difficult to navigate this many options.

Also it's time for iOS 7 to make an appearance. I hope the remote app holds clues to the future of Apple TV.

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I was going to ask if it's possible to hide or delete channels, I haven't noticed it in the settings. I love that they're adding content but I only use about four or five of the channels.

You're spot on about them needing a UI update and while the remote is limited in what it can do, the remote app for iphone could become much better.

To hide "unused" items: Settings>> General>> Restrictions... you can hide things you don't want on the main screen there.

I bought an Apple TV a couple of months ago and I love it. I mainly did it to use Netflix but then discovered all other channels and capabilities. I'm happy that they keep adding channels and extra features. I'm thinking about buying another one for a different TV. Awesome!

Great adds. Nothing to amazing, but good to see apple working to improve on this "hobby"

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I have used the Yahoo! Screen app on my iPad and it is pretty nice. It will be a nice addition to Apple TV. I look forward to more additions like this. Apple TV is a video viewing device so the more the better!

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This is great I love Public BroadCasting System watching Jimmy Hendrix right now

Thank you Apple

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Nothing for UK ATV owners yet again. BBC iPlayer and Amazon LoveFilm are the UK equivalents (in terms of popularity) of Hulu Plus and Netflix, but they're nowhere to be seen on UK ATVs. Apple, you really have to try so much harder.

Does anyone know if these new Yahoo and PBS apps offer anything not currently on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime/Instant Video (collectively)? So far, the Apple TV app additions have been pretty underwhelming.

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I recently purchased a Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray player. I was surprised that I was able to watch The Simpsons on Hulu Plus, It's always blocked on mobile devices, even Apple TV.

Does Apple TV work in other countries like the Philippines? If so, could you please give more information about the channel lineup available? Anybody?

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I love having pbs on demand on the tv now. I can watch the nova shows that interest me when I want!

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So, can anyone tell me why apple doesn't have a web search type thingy in their Apple TVs? Am I missing something or is it a jail break only thing?

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and we all know that this limited to our US friends. The question is who driving these updates; Apple or the Broadcaster? As I will repeat the standard comment, Apple open the API for thirdparty, so people who live outside the bubble of US broadcast can enjoy the same level of enjoyment.

Awesome, now if only Apple TV can have amazon. I use amazon to watch the latest season of the walking dead. Plus I like the amazon stuff.

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More and more content coming to the Apple TV, being outside the US I just hope better access to content would be available in other countries

I like most of the apps that Apple has added recently, but it is getting a little too cluttered for me. There are a lot of them that I will never use. Is there a way to delete them or at least hide the ones I don't want?

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There needs to be a Saturday Night Live app for the Apple TV or just being over the NBC app.

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