Apple TV adds Showtime Anytime to its premium lineup

Apple TV adds Showtime Anytime to its premium lineup

The Apple TV is expanding its lineup of premium on-demand offerings today with the addition of Showtime Anytime. Like HBO Go, Anytime provides you with on-demand Showtime content right on the Apple TV.

In addition to providing on-demand movies and TV series from Showtime, Anytime also shows live TV. You can choose to watch the feed of either Showtime East or Showtime West. In order to access Showtime's content, including the live TV, you must be a Showtime subscriber, and verify your cable provider through the app. You can activate your Apple TV for Showtime Anytime either through the web or the Anytime app for iPhone and iPad.

What do you think of Showtime Anytime for the Apple TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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Reader comments

Apple TV adds Showtime Anytime to its premium lineup


"A La Carte" cable channel shopping is LONG overdue. I have an Apple TV, that i love, but i basically use it to stream Netflix, Hulu, PBS, and clips from other channels that don't require a cable subscription. If Apple could flex their muscle and establish a la carte shopping via Apple TV then they would continue to print money via another source.

Won't happen until a) a government forces it, or b) cable atrophies to a huge degree. As long as Showtime, HBO, etc gets huge chunks of their revenue via Cableco intermediaries, they are not going to bite that hand.

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Why would a suscriber use the Apple TV instead of their TV anyway??

I have an American iTunes account but can't use any of these channels' apps (or Hulu) on the Apple TV as I live outside the US. It's frustrating!

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Unfortunately while I agree with the comments posted about a la carte services the real issue is that we are still the minority. If enough people dumped cable the big wigs would make changes however those of us who understand the value of this type of service are few in comparison to those who don't mind getting ripped off.

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There is one very simple reason "a la carte cable" subscriptions aren't available in the market, the exclusive rights agreements between providers & cable companies. The same types of agreements that the US Department of Justice took Apple and Publishers to court over. I'm going to have to seriously consider suing Showtime, HBO, Disney, MTV, FOX, etc. and the cable companies. Its obvious DOJ won't do a darn thing about it. Probably because the providers & cable companies pockets aren't as deep as Apple's, or Microsoft's.

Hate how cable companies have you by the b---s!! There's no reason why a consumer can't purchase a channel directly with Apple TV without involving the damn middleman! People are getting fed up and leaving cable regardless of the show they enjoy bc in the end, you can eventually watch many of your favorite shows, through past seasons. If people can hold off watching their favorite shows for just a little while, they will realize the little need there is for cable! At least Showtime Anytime is offering the first two shows of Season 4 Homeland for free through electronic devices which is a step in the right direction! Cable should be extinct...."a la cart" is the way to go!!